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Simplicity Legacy Xl Series Parts Diagrams 2690956 - Legacy XL, 27HP KOH 2WD RMO TRACTOR ONLY. 2690956-01 - Legacy XL, 27HP KOH 2WD RMO TRACTOR ONLY. 2690958 - Legacy XL, 27HP LC KAW 4WD RMO TRACTOR ONLY. 2691313-00 - Legacy XL, 25 HP KOH 4WD TRACTOR ONLY. Simplicity ® lawn tractor & garden tractor attachments Lawn tractor and garden tractor attachments have you covered no matter the task at hand. Take advantage of the extra versatility your Simplicity lawn mower offers by picking up a time-saving attachment like a grass catcher, tiller, or even a snow thrower.

Model numbers can be found on the Product Identification Tag located on your Simplicity product. They are used to look up your product’s Operator’s Manual and Illustrated Parts Lists. See examples of model number variations below.

Example A:
7-Digit Model Number

Example B:
7-Digit Model Number with -00

Example C:
7-Digit Model Number with -01

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Simplicity Legacy Xl Used

My son has a Legacy with the B&S diesel in it. It runs fine, but about 3 months ago the power steering decided to stop working. The tractor will go forward and backward and the 3 point will work although maybe slowly. He doesn't have anything hooked to it, so it's kind of hard to tell. I looked at it today, trying to figure it out, with no luck. He changed oil and filter in the hydro with the proper oil and filter as a routine maintenance item, but he can't remember whether it worked before or after that. ( I know that makes a huge difference on what to look for but he's got a lot on his mind and just can't remember). I thought maybe it was an airlock problem but have tried every method to work the air out of it to no avail, if that's what it is. Is there a pressure relief valve somewhere that might have stuck, or a broken spring, and just where do I look for that??
(It's been really dry in this area for three months with no need to mow, so it just sat)
I can find very little on these tractors on the net, so here I am looking for help!! I don't know of ANYONE that has one around here to discuss it with.
Thanks for any help!

P.S. I posted this on another forum, also. Just trying to find answers, so bear with me.

Simplicity Legacy Xl Loader Manual