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Baoli Pneumatic Forklifts – Lift Atlanta has both the KBD and KBG Series in stock. Learn more about these electric pneumatic forklifts from Baoli. Lift Atlanta also offers certified forklift repair service and maintenance for Baoli forklifts. We also provide OEM forklift parts for Baoli machinery. Like our entire inventory, these lift trucks. Baoli is a brand of forklift trucks that was founded in China in 2003 and acquired in 2009 by the KION Group, the European market leader and the world’s second largest manufacturer of warehouse technology. Baoli EMEA is a new organisation, established in 2017. We build cushion, electric, and pneumatic forklifts, as well as reach trucks, stackers, warehouse vehicles, and forklift attachments. Our focus is to provide customers with the best material handling products, fair pricing, and exemplary customer service.

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Tenacity, innovation, and cultivating people are just a few Doosan Credo attributes this dealership embodies. Doosan proudly recognizes Wisconsin Lift Truck as its 2019 Dealer of the Year. “Their dedication to Doosan and commitment to excellence by all of Wisconsin Lift Truck’s people puts them above most in the material handling business.”

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Our Doosan D-160 forklifts work hard moving heavy duty pipe and steel in a tough environment.

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What might seem obvious in choosing a truck for delivery and removal ofproducts, are often items that are overlooked for selecting the best equipment forthe job. For the handling and moving of newand used pallets, one must dig a little deeper in determining uses as well asenvironmental concerns.

Width, height and weightof loads

Determining the number of pallets, on average, to transfer as well asthe maximum delivery height will help determine the type of truck needed. With the average pallet weighing 33-48 lbs.each, calculations must be made to determine travel capacity.

Tire choice

Baoli Forklift Reviews

Ekman 60 faces test software. Choosing between pneumatic, solid and cushion wheels, based on youroperating environment, will enable the most practical use of the truck as wellas extending longevity in your equipment.

Electric vs. fuel

Kion Baoli Forklift

Establishing time needed to transport pallets will dictate theeconomical choice of the best use of power. Electric systems allow continued use with little downtime. Trucks can be easily charged at any powerpoint via wall socket versus fuel systems that may require increasedmaintenance.

Yale Forklift Service Manual

Determiningenvironmental space

Baoli Kbg25 Manual

Looking at the space the forklift will be transporting the pallets willhave a big impact on your truck decision. Will you be transporting down ailes? Are those areas narrow or wide? Willyou be transporting across a large area? Deciding those answers will help conclude the best truck for use.