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Black Wake Game Download For Windows 7

Blackwake is a multiplayer team-based shooter centered around naval battles for PC and Mac. Set during the Age of Sail, Blackwake focuses largely on team-based tactics and overall team cooperation. Blackwake High quality wallpapers download free for PC, Only high definition wallpapers and pictures. HD Wallpapers for desktop, Best collection wallpapers of Blackwake high resolution images for Iphone 6 and Iphone 7, Android, Ipad, Smartphone, Mac. On this page you will find a lot wallpapers with Blackwake.

by Mastfire Studios Pty Ltd

Blackwake is a unique first-person shooter that includes the naval theme and pirates. It's multiplayer only which means you really need to get along with the crew to navigate a historically accurate ship and deal with opponents. There are three game modes to choose from: team deathmatch, siege (with an attacker or defender options available), and capture the booty. These will keep you and your friends busy trying to sink or board enemy ships by eliminating its crew with canons, deadly blades, and firearms. If you weren't lucky enough and your own ship sustained some damage it's up to you to repair it. Just try not to be hit by an enemy cannonball in the process. Another potentially dangerous mission involves reloading a naval gun, but your teammates will cover you for sure. The more quests you complete the higher rank you will receive. These achievements will help upgrade both your character and vessel. If you will be good enough in the tactics, you might be able to get a captain nomination with a standard routine of issuing orders to the crew members and keeping an eye on the course. Navigating a sea in Blackwake can be tricky. There are icebergs and dangerous rocky structures some of which can easily be volcanos ready to erupt.

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Tags: Pirates, Multiplayer, Naval Combat, Naval, Team-Based, Action, First-Person, Co-op, Strategy, Early Access, Funny, FPS, Indie, Sailing, Swordplay, Casual, Open World, Atmospheric, Violent, Adventure




Minimal system requirements

OS: Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit

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Processor: i5 2400, FX-6300

Memory: 10 GB RAM

Black Wake Game Free Download

Graphics: R9 270, GTX 660

DirectX: Version 11


Network: Broadband Internet connection

Storage: 4 GB available space

Additional Notes: This is to play the game on lowest settings with medium shadows at around [email protected] resolution.

Black Wake Game Download For Windows 10