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Like, wow. Like, crap. Last year I was a high school brat.

But now I'm here. Hope I'm the one you pick to cheer!

- Fantastic! - I'm sorry. What?

Oh, nothing. Don't let me slow you down. It's just.. Well, you're a surprise.

- How do you mean? - You have great spirit.

But just a tad more volume, if you would.

- I apologize. - Continue. Toyota starlet workshop repair manual.

Like, whoo. Like, whee. I'm at the university.

I'm psyched. I'm here. Hope I'm the one you choose to cheer.

I yell real loud and make the Stingerssuper proud.!


My dear, you are wonderful.. cheer genius personified.

A real individual.

I'm joking, you spaz!

- Pardon me? - That was a cheer?

That was the most boring, unoriginal, biggest piece of crap I've ever seen!

You suck!

Mom, where are we? Where are you, dear?

You finally made it. You're in college.

Oh, man!

Hi. Can you guys tell me how to get to Bancroft Hall?

Hi. Can you tell me how to get to..

Hi, girls. Can you guys tell me how to get to Bancroft..

Excuse me!

Hi. It's where some of the cheerleaders are staying.

Um, I'm trying out for the team.

You girls don't cheer, do you?

First of all, it's women, not girls.

Oh. Second, um, we do neo-modern ballet.

We don't wave pom-poms.

And third, we can't direct you to Bancroft Hall,

because NathanielBancroft was a slaveowner and an imperialist!

Okay. Thanks.

Appreciate it.

You're not giving up already, are you? Monica!

First day of college, I'm alreadysaving my roommate.

You did not have to save me. I have been saving..

your butt ever since cheerleader camp. Have not!

Really? I remember a time..

a spotter was out of position and one of our cheerleaders..

was gonna do a face-plant.

Who was that cheerleader again? Okay. Okay. I get it.

I think the score is Monica, two. Whittier, zero.

And.. Bancroft Hall is this way.

Did you know that Nathaniel Bancroft was a slave owner..

and an imperialist? Our room has a ceiling fan.

As well as paint balloons, panty trees,

super-gluing faculty doors, releasing lab animals..

and most important, I'd like to remind you..

that if you must..


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please.. do it in a toilet.

Do not.. I repeat.. Do not urinate..

on an original manuscript of The Canterbury Tales..

located in the school library.

You writing this down? You'd think I wouldn't have to say that.

The Nutcracker is a patriarchal ballet.

Okay? The only good thing in The Nutcracker are the rats, and they die.

Bring It On The Musical Script Pdf

Shakespeare. Hamlet?

'Euripidie..' Euri.. Eur..


Lastly, we hope you take advantage of the many extracurriculars..

here at the university.

Although I must report we've had to cut funding..

to some of the more non-essential programs..

on campus such as the martial arts club,

- the ballet society.. Wha..

and the entire musical theater department.

That's a worthwhile program.! Fortunately,

we haven't had to cut any money from our two prized programs..

the football team.. That's right!

- Yeah! - And.. your seven-time..

defending collegiate champion Stinger cheerleading squad!

- Yea! - Let's hear it for our heroes.!

Tina.! Tina.! Tina.! Tina.!

Tina! Tina! Tina! Tina!

Tina! Tina! Tina! Tina!

Hey, everybody! I'm Tina Hammersmith!

Y'all ready to rock the body electric?

- Ahhh! - Let's get this party started!

Five, six, seven, eight!


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Yeah.! Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo.! You go, girl.!

Bring It On Script Pdf

Two, three, four..

Stingers in the house! We're on the attack!

- That's right! - Got no extra fat!

We don't eat Big Macs! It's gross!

- Step to us.! You might get smacked.! - Whacked.!

We got more game than the man they call Shaq!