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After a few months of hiatus, we finally get a chance to clean up the site, make the download page more accessible, and also to release some new information. Software crack works zip file password unlocker tool. Give us a few hours while we are at it. 🙂

  1. Out of the box, the Casio FX-850P/FX-880P supports ten BASIC programs P0 to P9 and one MEMO databank. Research on the internals led to the insight that the pocket computer is capable of handling more than 10 programs, which can easily be accessed using the scientific library function. These programs can be.
  2. Here is the link: Reckon Survey software for FX-880. Go to the site, scroll down to find a small box which has the words Reckon Survey for CASIO fx-880P. A link is provided right below this line of words to download the zip file. – (4) Casio China Land Surveying Programs for FX-5800P. This is a new link we found last week.

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The site re-organisation is needed for 2 main reasons: Many visitors come here for the free downloads and also the links to other Casio surveying site, so we need to have the download page more prominently placed. Secondly, we are releasing the old InSight code again, plus the programs passwords, and releasing InSight 1.3 soon (finally), which shall come with a few updates and 3 new programs. A good development of InSight is that we shall release it under a GNU-like license, which means the code will again be shared, and the full program is available for download here as soon as it is ready.

Casio Fx 880p Programs 2019

Another exciting development for us is that we shall begin offering Casio calculator here, but in limited amount only. Specifically we shall begin by offering FX-7400G+ and FX-9860G, at a price you will find reasonable. For FX-7400G+ we shall install InSightfor free before shipping it, while owner of FX-9860G can easily download it here and load the program with the USB cable which comes with the calculator.

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In addition, we scrap the idea of writing programs for FX-5800P, mainly due to its slow processing speed (hey I did not know you guys work in the hot sun for that long!) and also for CFX-series since it is confirmed that Casio will phase out the CFX-series as soon as this year. As we speak now, it is virtually impossible to source for CFX-9850GB+. Not to worry, the FX-9860G is a well qualified and great replacement.