Cummins Vta 28 G3 Manual

ServiceService ManualManual Generator Set VTA28-G5 Engine with PowerCommand® 1.1 Control C600 D6 English Original Instructions 6-2014 A047H770 (Issue 1). Read Book Cummins Vta 28 G5 Manual Cummins Vta 28 G5 Manual ©2019 Cummins Inc. VTA28-G5 (4/19) Specification sheet VTA28-G5 Description The product of years of technical development and improvement, the VTA28-Series is recognised globally for its performance under even the most severe climatic conditions, and widely acknowledged.

  • Engine: Cummins
  • Prime : 750kVA / 600 kW
  • Standby : 825kVA / 660 kW
  • Hz : 50Hz
  • Voltage : 3 Phase
  • Weatherproof Canopy
  • Auto Start Controller
  • Bunded Base Fuel Tank
  • Available Open or with Weatherproof Canopy / Container

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SPG power generation system, providing optimum performance, reliability, and versatility for stationery standby, prime power, and continuous duty applications. All generator sets are prototype tested, factory build, and production tested.

  • High quality, reliable and complete power unit
  • Compact design
  • Easy start and maintenance possibility
  • Every generating set is subject to a comprehensive test program which includes full load testing, checking and provision of control and safety shut down functions testing
  • Fully engineered with a wide range of options and accessories : Canopy, sound proof canopy and on-road trailer

ISO8528 - This generator set has been designed to meet ISO 8528 regulation.

ISO 9001 - This generator set is manufactured in facilities certified to ISO 9001.

This generator set is available with CE certification

Enclosed product is tested according to EU noise legislation 2000/14/EC

Dimensions and Weight

Open Type
Dimensions (LxWxH)mm3740 x 1550 x 2266
Dry Weightkg5470
Sound Attenuated Type
Dimensions (LxWxH)mm5250 x 1560 x 2520
Dry Weightkg7480

Phase Rating, 50Hz, PF 0,8

VoltageStandby Rating (ESP)Prime Rating (PRP)Amp

Standby Rating (ESP) : Continuous running at variable load for duration of an emergency. No overload is permitted on these ratings. In accordance with ISO 3046.

Prime Rating (PRP) : Continuous running at variable load for unlimited periods with 10% overload for 1 hour in any 12 hour period. In accordance with ISO 8528, ISO 3046.

Diesel Engine Specifications

ModelVTA 28 G6
Engine Power Output at rated rpmkWm722
No. of Cylinders and Build12 Cylinder V Type
Engine Speedrpm1500
Aspiration and CoolingTurbocharged and After Cooled
Total DisplacementL28
Bore and Strokemm x mm140 x 152
Compression Ratio13,1:1
Fuel Consumption at full loadL/hr140
Fuel Tank CapacityLitre1000
Oil CapacityLitre83
Coolant CapacityL170
Radiator Cooling Airm³ /min.651
Air Intake - Enginem³ /min.54.84
Exhaust Gas Flowm³ /min.132.72
  • Heavy duty, water cooled, Diesel engine
  • Radiator with mechanical fan
  • Protective grille for rotating and hot parts
  • Electric starter and charge alternator
  • Starting battery (with lead acid) including rack and cables
  • Engine coolant heater
  • Steel base frame and anti-vibration isolators
  • Spare external fuel tank (open set)
  • Flexible fuel connection hoses
  • Single bearing, class H alternator
  • Industrial exhaust silencer and steel bellows supplied separately
  • Static battery charger
  • Manual for application and installation

Alternator Specifications

DesignBrushless 4 poles
Insulation SystemClass H
RotorSingle Bearing System, Flexible Disc
Exciter typeElectronic (AVR)
  • Brushless single bearing system, flexible disc, 4 poles
  • Insulation class H
  • Electronic (AVR)

Optional Equipment

Remote radiator cooling
Fuel water seperator filter
oil heater

Anti-Condensation Heater
Over sized alternator
Main line circuit breaker


Automatic synchronising and power control system (multi gen-set parallel)
Transition synchronization with mains
Remote annunciator panel
Remote relay otput
Alarm output relays
Charge ammeter
Earth fault, single set

Automatic or manual fuel filling system
Electic oil drain pump
Low and high fuel level alarm
Residential silencer
Enclosure weather protective or sound attenuated
Duct adapter (on radiator)
Inlet and outlet accoustic baffles
Inlet and outlet motorised lourvers
Tool kit for maintenance
1500/3000 hours maintenance kit
Double wall chassis
Main Fuel Tank

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Control supervision and protection panel is mounted on the genset base frame. The control panel is equipped as follows:

  • 1. Auto Mains Failure Control Panel
    • Generating set control AMF module DSE 7320
    • Static battery charger
    • Emergency stop push button
  • 2. Power Outlet Terminal Board Mounted on the Gen-set Base Frame

  • The module is used to monitor mains supply and starts and stops of a standby generating set
  • Micro-processor based design
  • Automatic control of main and generator contactors
  • Monitors engine performance and AC power output LED alarm indication
  • Front panel configuration of timers and alarm trip points
  • CAN and magnetic pick-up versions(specify on ordering)
  • 4 digital inputs/3 analogue inputs
  • 6 outputs(4 configurable on Magnetic Pick-up, 6 configurable onCANbus version)
  • Easy push button control STOP/RESET -MANUAL -AUTO -TEST –START
  • Generator Volts (L-L / L-N)
  • Engine oil pressure (PSI-Bar)
  • Generator Ampere (L1,L2,L3)
  • Engine temperature (°C&°F)
  • Generator Frequency (Hz)
  • Plant battery volts
  • Engine hours run
  • Mains Volts (Ph-Ph/Ph-N)
  • Over and Under Speed
  • Low and High Battery Volt
  • Start and Stop Failure
  • Charge fail
  • Over Current
  • Under / Over Generator Voltage
  • Low Oil Pressure
  • Emergency stop
  • High engine temperature

Cummins Vta 28 G3 Manual User

  • Mains available
  • Generator available
  • Mains on load
  • Generator on load

Cummins Vta 28 G3 Manual Transmission

  • Compact footprint, low profile design.
  • Enclosure, generator set, exhaust system and fuel tank are pre-assembled, pre-integrated and shipped as one package
  • Body made from steel components treated with polyester powder coating
  • Fire retardant foam insulation
  • Easy access to all service points
  • Exhaust system inside canopy
  • Large doors on each side
  • Control panel viewing window in a lockable access door
  • Emergency stop push button mounted on enclosure exterior
  • Cooling fan and battery charging alternator fully guarded
  • Fuel fill and battery can only be reached via lockable access doors.
  • Lifting points on the top of canopy and base frame
  • Customer options available to meet your applications needs.
  • Generating sets' noise level tests in accordance with directive 2000/14/EC validation of the noise level test has been approved by the noified body Szutest