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Useful Console Commands

This is a list of console commands I have personally used and tested.
Note: When typing a command.. to view the return success message, either exit the console and re-enter, or type 'message_box_ok'. It will pop up an 'OK' message, after which the console screen will be refreshed.

Closes all open windows (including console). This is quite possibly the most important console command you will need to know!!! Without it, there is no way of getting back into the game after you open the console.
Shows 'Hello World' message in a 'Press OK' popup window. It also refreshes command console. This is quite possibly the second most important console command out there. Most commands (and discovery of commands) requires some console return code or status or success message, which can't be read until the console is refreshed.

[Camera Controls]
  • multiplayer_tether_screen 0
MOST IMPORTANT MULTIPLAYER COMMAND EVER!!!!! Untether the dratted co-op screens from eachother! Set this phreaking value to 0 for the love of all that is good in the world! To re-tether the screens back, set it to 1.. but who on earth would do that?
camera_multiplayer_control 0
Set to 0 to disable camera rotation FOR ALL PLAYERS. Set to 1 to allow camera rotation (default).

Speed at which the camera ROTATE dampens (slows down) 0=never.. 7.5 deafault), 100 means almost instantly stop rotating when the mouse stops. By default, when you stop rotating, the screen keeps rotating for a little bit of time.

Slow or speed up the rotate. Lower value is slower, higher is faster. (55 is default speed)

Set to 1 to NOT allow the camera to collide with the buildings.. set to 0 to make the camera pass through buildings instead of adjusting by zooming in/out when you run against the wall. Personally, I do NOT like collision in this game because it forces the camera in multiplayer to go top town.. and in single player to zoom in super far. Turning off collision makes the camera stay put no matter what. Sadly, this means if you are behind a wall, and the camera is in the wrong direction, you may see wall, not your player. As you probably guessed, _mp is multi-player and _sp is single-player settings.

[Multiplayer Commands]
  • rcon <command>
Remote Console execution.. if one is connected but is NOT hosting.. he/she can not make changes to global server variables like tethering. Use this command to remotely execute untether command if you did not host the game like this:
  • session_type Private
Set to 'Offline' to play single player, 'Private' to enable only friends to join, and 'Public' to allow anyone online to join
Kills player (default is 0, YOU). Somehow, it does not allow others to be killed.. only yourself.

  • kick1
Kicks player index 1. (0 is yourself.. if you try to kick yourself you will get a message 'you can not kick host')
  • say Hello World
Types in multiplayer chat 'Hello World'

[Misc Commands]
Lists ALL commands and command descriptions that contain the searched text. Example would be 'find ki' would return many results including 'kick' and 'kill' command.
  • revert_all
Reset ALL settings back to default (sometimes needed if you screw up some setting and no one can join your game)
  • save
Notes: save is a popup screen, so call it like this to avoid the game gui to be messed up: 'modal_close_all; save'

Sets your player's size to scale up 2 times. The command 'scale 0 3.0' would tripple player 0's size (big giant walking around). It seems that you can ONLY set your OWN size.. but everyone can see it.

Enables respawn in the death notification.. which means that after your entire party dies, you do not have to load the game.. but can continue right where you were.

[Single Player Only]
Enables a 3rd camera (which is the multiplayer NO PAN/PITCH camera). You can access this new camera with your scroll mouse. Instead of two camera angles, you get 3.

Credits: Thanks to sacah for getting me started with the console commands.

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