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Raider Waster Underarmor
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Raider Waster Underarmor is an outfit in Fallout 76.

Mike overclocks his weapon. Zach disapproves. 🥽 🕊️ 🕊️https://twitter.com/zachhazard. Mar 31, 2015 Layout. This raider hideout is in the far northern reaches of the map. It is due north of Greener Pastures disposal site, and to the west of Old Olney.The nearest location is Vault 92, and the farmhouse is a short walk west of the vault entrance. Khan raider; Khan raider (Fallout 2) Raider lieutenant (Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel) Hungry raider; Press demo raider; Sturdy raider armor; Raider (Super-Duper Mart cave) Armor and clothing. Raider armor; Raider iconoclast armor Raider commando armor; Raider armor (Fallout 3) Raider armor (Fallout 4) Raider armor (Fallout: New Vegas) Raider.


An underarmor, worn beneath any equipped armor sets. Uses the Casual mod group. Make shadow in photoshop.


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  • Purchased from the Atomic Shop and crafted at any workbench.

Fallout New Vegas Raider Blastmaster

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