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Family Guy
Season 19
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes8
Original networkFox
Original releaseSeptember 27, 2020 –
Season chronology
Season 18
List of Family Guy episodes

Family Guy's nineteenth season debuted on Fox on September 27, 2020.[1][2][3]

Season nineteen premiered the run of the eighteenth production season, which was executive produced by Seth MacFarlane, Alec Sulkin, Richard Appel, Steve Callaghan, Danny Smith, Kara Vallow, Mark Hentemann, Tom Devanney and Patrick Meighan. Sulkin and Appel reprise their roles as the series' showrunners.

This season contains the series’ 350th episode, which is also the season premiere.



Family guy stewie griffin the untold story mp4 download mp4

On June 26, 2020, Mike Henry announced that he would no longer voice the African American character Cleveland Brown, after Jenny Slate and Kristen Bell announced in the wake of the George Floyd protests that they would no longer voice their mixed-race characters on Big Mouth and Central Park.[4] Actor Wendell Pierce launched a campaign to become Henry's replacement.[5] It was later announced on September 25, 2020 that YouTube personality Arif Zahir, who is known for voicing Cleveland in several videos, will be the new voice for the character. Henry will still voice the character in some episodes made before the recasting.[6]


The season premiered on September 27, 2020.[7] The season will be airing on Sundays as part of Fox's Animation Domination programming block, along with The Simpsons, Bless the Harts, and Bob's Burgers.

The season premiered on ITV2 in the UK on October 26, 2020.


No. in
Title [8]Directed byWritten byOriginal air date [8]Prod.
U.S. viewers
3501'Stewie's First Word'Mike KimPatrick MeighanSeptember 27, 2020JACX191.86[9]

While raiding a Goodwill dumpster with his friends, Peter finds a Magic 8-Ball and starts to base his decisions on its answers, until the ball explodes after he asks it a question about good shows on Fox Television. While at church, when Stewie learns that the Wi-Fi is bad and they are not giving out cookies, he drops an F-bomb, which everyone at church somehow hears, causing Lois to be shunned by the entire town. Brian and Stewie beging to consider it had to do with him shout he true feelings. Wondering where Stewie could have heard what she believes is his first word, Lois initially suspects television, but Brian points out that all Stewie watches now is Caillou, which

she learns has no curse words, but however had odd dialogue. She then guesses Peter to be the source of Stewie's offensive vocabulary, and waxes the stairs for him to fall down (again), though Peter only shouts innocent terms as he has been hanging out with Caillou's beta dad. When Lois eventually discovers herself to be the root of Stewie's profanity, she goes to a rehabilitation facility, where she gets scolded for using the F-word as her meditation mantra, and decides to accept her swearing habits and states she's fine how she is. Meanwhile, Peter tries to bond with Stewie, but ends up getting drunk on Lois' frozen booze and pelting him with rocks using the lawnmower. When Lois returns home, Stewie says 'Mommy!' — which Lois unsuccessfully attempts to catch on video a few times. Brian thinks Stewie is finally over his desire to kill Lois, but Stewie tells him that it was just a ruse. Peter and Chris come in doing random stunts because they forgot how to end episodes.
3512'The Talented Mr. Stewie'Greg ColtonGary JanettiOctober 4, 2020JACX201.36[10]
Stewie dumps Rupert when he learns he used to belong to Chris. He tries to get revenge by getting a new teddy bear and then a toy giraffe, but neither helps him feel better. After taking a spiritual journey, Stewie concludes he must kill Chris and Rupert. Stewie lures Chris to a lake house he rented and knocks him out. He fights Chris in the rowboat while discussing The Talented Mr. Ripley and that it is not a Hitchcock film. Stewie knocks Chris out and into the water. Using the nanny cam he put in Rupert earlier to keep an eye on him and Chris, Stewie learns Chris was going to give him back. After a few unsuccessul tries, Stewie manages to save Chris. As the latter recovers in the hospital, they agree to never reveal what happened.
3523'Boys & Squirrels'Joe VauxSteve CallaghanOctober 11, 2020KACX021.48[11]

Peter gets a chainsaw from a yard sale after a neighbor's husband commits suicide. Peter tries to cut a hole in the Griffin's tree so Keebler eleves can move in and they can get instant access to their cookies. Peter accidently cuts it down, injuring his arm and leaving a young squirrel orphaned, which Chris and Stewie decide to raise together. Peter goes to Dr. Hartman and gets chiropractic therapy, restoring him to his original height. He starts to hate being tall after hitting people with his legs while at the carnival, also

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teenage girls think he's Slender Man and he tells them to kill themselves. Depressed, he seeks Lois' help and she is able to shrink him by belittling him. She inadvertently goes overboard, making Peter a few inches tall. Meanwhile, after the squirrel recovers, they try to shoot a video of its first steps, only for Brian to snatch and maul it to death while they were choosing a song for the video. They then hold a funeral with some neighbors in attendence, which ends with the neighbors running off like squirrels. After the funeral, Chris starts to pack the squirrel's things away but this triggers an argument and blame game between him and Stewie. They end up going for counseling with Bruce, and work out most of their issues, yet almost start another argument about the squirrel's gender. At Christmas, Stewie retrieves the mail and finds a Christmas card that they had sent with their picture with the squirrel, causing him to break down in tears. Peter then cheers because he got new pants, which he only gets on Christmas.
3534'Cutawayland'Brian IlesPatrick MeighanNovember 1, 2020[a]KACX011.83[12]
The Griffins go to the beach and Peter convinces Lois they should have sex. Lois tells him to find her in 45 minutes right before Lois goes to throw out trash at a distant trash bin, yet her trash gets blown away by the wind. Lois and Peter try to find a secluded spot to have sex, but keep getting interrupted by the children. At home, when Brian and the kids annoy them again, the two yell at them and unintentionally do a cutaway simultaneously, causing them to be sent into the cutaway. They soon understand they've been teleported to an alternate universe where all the show's cutaways reside and new ones are made, which Peter dubs 'cutawayland'. They also learn it takes two people to send them to cutawayland and one person to move them around cutaways by creating one or mentioning a previous one. Brian and the kids call Joe to find Peter and Lois, yet he can only do his best. Peter and Lois enjoy their time in cutawayland, until the latter decides she wants to return to their family and persuades Peter to do the same. However, he sends them to a cutaway Peter created earlier. When he tries again, he instead brings the rest of the family into cutawayland as well. Unable to return home or change cutaways, Peter calls Joe for help, who temporarily ends the call to change his answering machine to a parody of Cotton-eye Joe. After returning, Joe does some research online and informs them that, in order to return home, they must go back to the very first cutaway of the show and kill Adolf Hitler. After some time, they manage to arrive in the first cutaway, yet Lois is unsure. When they consider if killing him is right, they learned Meg decapitated him, allowing them to return home. It is revealed that Peter fell asleep while at the beach and it was all a dream. Lois then goes to throw away some trash at a distant trash bin when bees attack her and chase her down.
3545'La Famiglia Guy'John HolmquistAlex CarterNovember 8, 2020KACX031.52[13]
The Griffins attend Susie's christening at an Italian restaurant, during which Joe asks Peter to be Susie's godfather. Mistaking the term for the title used by the Mafia, Peter begins acting like a Don, after scaring the restaurant staff, who give him anything he wants. Three times in the episode, Brian does something that angers Peter, Chris and Stewie leading them to kill him twice and almost kill him once in different ways seen in the Mafia movies. He later recruits Joe, Quagmire, and Cleveland into his crew, and together they run various rackets and run afoul of the real Mafia. Peter tries to call Chris, who he sent to Italy earlier in the episode, to tell him the mafia might go after him separately seconds before Chris' new wife dies in a car bombing. Joe then devises a plan to take down the Mafia bosses. While attending a meeting with other Mafia Dons in Quahog, Peter wears a wire, but blows his cover when the Dons decide to go out for Karaoke. Peter is saved when Joe and his men storm the meeting to apprehend everyone in attendance. One of the Dons takes Peter and Joe hostage, but they are rescued when a jar of Prego sauce, which Peter destroyed and dissed earlier for being store bought, guns down their captor. As the Griffins return to their normal life, Brian admits to drinking Lois' last bottle of wine. While the two have a walk in the woods, Lois tells Brian that she doesn't watch Mafia films and kills him by throwing him into a wood chipper seconds after admitting that she watches Fargo.
3556'Meg's Wedding'Steve RobertsonMike DesiletsNovember 15, 2020KACX051.79[14]
Unable to secure a date for a school dance, Meg instead hangs out at the bowling alley with her friend and shoe rental guy Bruce, who recently broke up with his boyfriend, Jeffrey. They build up a relationship, but Lois is concerned that Bruce, who has always been shown to be attracted to men, doesn't love her. She and Griffins are even more surprised that Meg never knew he was gay. She tries to convince Meg to break up with him. Meanwhile, Peter gets a vest from a magician at the Drunken Clam and goes everywhere with it until his arms are ripped of by wallet chains at a concert and is left with small arms that are slowly growing in they're place. Under pressure from his parents, Bruce later proposes to Meg, who accepts. At Bruce and Meg's wedding, Lois finally decides to accept their relationship, but Meg finally realizes Bruce is gay and that he isn't happy and encourages him to reveal his homosexuality to his parents. Bruce then proposes to Jeffrey, and the two get married in the Walgreens parking lot after the priest was unable to marry them because they were gay. The final scene shows Peter's antics with his small arms which they fit in at the last minute since Meg's wedding took up most of the episode.
3567'Wild Wild West'Jerry LangfordKirker ButlerNovember 22, 2020KACX081.68[16]

Since the death of Mayor Adam West, Quahog has been left in rough shape. Lois chooses a librarian named Elle Hitler (who quoted 'No relation' after her introduction) to run for office. Upset Lois wuld choose a third tier character, Peter tries to persuade West's cousin, the rugged cowboy Wild West (voiced by Sam Elliott[15]) from a cigar commercial, to do so. While West initially declines, he arrives in Quahog on the day of the nomination and accepts Peter's offer. Lois is irritated that Peter only approached West to become mayor because he is a man, so to make amends, Peter takes her to spend a few days with him and West at the latter's mustache farm. To Peter's joy, this ends up working, but while having sex with her later, Lois calls out West's name. This prompts Peter to try to make West lose the election. First he tries to support Hitler, yet she is a basket case who likes Garfield more than Peter.Then, he tries to destroy West's mustache in his sleep, yet is unable to because the roots are strong. This leads to Peter getting beat up by Wild. Finally, he tries to vandalize the library and frame West for it. While vandalizing, he accidentally sets the library on fire with a branding iron, leaving Hitler trapped inside, but West arrives in time to rescue her using levitation which he said he had yet no one believed him because he never demonstrated. After winning the election with a very low turnout, West makes amends with Peter by gifting him a basket of baby mustaches, and ends the episode with a song alongside the Griffins, Peter's friends and various animals, a few from past episodes.

Guest star: Sam Elliott as Wild West
3578'Pawtucket Pat'Julius WuAlex CarterDecember 6, 2020KACX071.43[17]
Brian gets a job at a news website called the Hog. After writing various articles, he does some research about Quahog's town hero and brewery founder Pawtucket Pat at the Quahog Historic Society and finds his diary upon being guided by the spooky clerk. The diary reveals that his famous beer recipe was stolen from the Narragansett tribe, whom he killed to keep the secret. Once Brian publishes his findings, a protest is held to determine the fate of Pawtucket Pat's statue. Numerous townspeople, including Peter, want to keep it, so a frustrated Brian, who wants it removed yet can't get enough support to do so, decides to take matter into his own hands. Alongside Stewie, he tries to tow it away, but ends up ripping his car in half. Despite this setback, his actions have the desired result, as the statue falls into a river. The following day, while Stewie fears that he and Brian might go to jail and has trouble keeping the secret, the two opposing forces meet near the statue's original location and prepare to clash, when they are stopped by the modern day Narragansett people where it's leader (Lou Diamond Phillips) states that they are upset that nobody asked for their opinion on their entire ordeal and make them aware that there are bigger racial issues at hand than just the statue. The two sides eventually make peace. Tom Tucker reports that the statue is recovered from the river and put on display at the museum, where it will be remembered, but no one will see it ever again. When Peter mentioned if there was any awards involving left-winged attitudes in light of Peter's right-winged attitude, the spooky clerk pops up and suggests Fritz Lang's Metropolis where his appearance left Peter unnerved.
3589'The First No L'TBADamien Fahey[18]December 13, 2020TBATBD
  1. ^While the United States air date for this episode got delayed to November 1, 2020 due to a game seven of the American league championship series of major league baseball, Citytv in Canada failed to get word of this update, and ended up airing the episode on its original air date of October 18, 2020.[citation needed]
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