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Sengoku Basara 2 Hero FULL VERSION

Sengoku Basara 2 Heroes introduced a lottery system. After the battle, one of the awards that a person can get is a piece of red paper. It is a lottery ticket that can be used in Basara Shop. New Heroes is the Versus mode. It allows two players to compete against each other in eight mini-games. Sengoku Basara 2 is a Hack and slash video game for PlayStation 2. This game is developed and published by Capcom.

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System Requirement :
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
  • CPU : Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or Higher
  • RAM : 1 GB (better 2 GB)
  • VGA : 256 MB (recommended 512 MB) With support Pixel Shader 3.0
  • HDD Space : 4 GB or higher
  • DirectX : 9.0 latest (sudah termasuk DVD PC Game)
  • Controller : Keyboard + Joystick PS 2 with USB on PC

Free Download : DOWNLOAD<--- 3.80 GB ( .iso ) / 2 PartsGame basara 2 heroes ps2 for pc iso
Emulator PS2 PCXS + BIOS <--- DOWNLOAD v1.0 DOWNLOAD v0.9

Sengoku Basara 2 Heroes Cheats

1. Download semua part dan letakkan dalam satu folder.
2. Extract part 1 dengan Software 7-Zip karena filenya berformat 7-Zip. Kamu bisa cari sendiri di Google.
3. Mungkin filenya tadi setelah diextract dengan 7-Zip akan berubah menjadi ISO.

Game Basara 2 Heroes Ps2 For Pc Rom

4. Jalankan Game nya dengan Emulator yang telah saya sediakan tadi. Install Emulatornya terlebih dahulu.
Game ini bisa dijalankan melalui Emulator PS 2 (PCSX), langkah-langkahnya adalah sebagai berikut :
1. Buka Emulator, pilih Config lalu klik Set Plugins lalu klik Set Bios.
2. Setelah itu, lalu pilih LINUZ ISO CDVD 0.8.0 pada CDVD ROM.
3. Pilih Configure Select ISO, dan pilih Game In dengan dengan format akhir ISO.
4. Pilih OK, lalu pilih Menu File lalu pilih Run CD/DVD.
5. Play & Enjoy
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Free Download Games Sengoku Basara 2 Heroes Full Version for PC is a platform videogame derived from PS2 and on this occasion KresekGame will share fighting game genre. the name Sengoku Basara 2 Heroes to be played on the computer. This game is very fun to play. If my friend interested in playing this game? The PC game can mate free download here.

Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes Iso

Sengoku Basara 2 Heroes GameGame

Basara 2 Pc

tell a royal call it a kingdom that is our kingdom and our mission is to attack the kingdom and that is our enemy, but to attack the royal pal B is not as easy as imagined. It ya that I think is cool, in the course of our mission we will be faced with opponents who are very attractive. and my friend is also equipped with weapons like swords and others. There are moves / abilities in this game anyway. more Curious is not it? the graphics of the game is also very good. fit for play on your PC. before further. let's look first appearance.

Download Iso Game Basara 2 Heroes Ps2 Untuk Pc

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Minimum System Requirements
  • Processor : Intel pentium 4 2.0 GHz
  • OS : win XP / vista / 7
  • HDD space : 4 GB
  • Ram : 1 GB
  • DirectX 9.0

Basara 2 Heroes Ps2

How to install and play game sengoku basara 2 heroes for PC
  • Download files we have provided
  • Combine with HJSplit or extract in one folder
  • Open the emulator
  • Then select the game that was downloaded earlier
  • Welcome playing
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