Game Naruto Vs One Piece Vs Fairy Tail Mugen 2014


The latest and greatest free online Naruto Games which are safe to play! 211games - menu. Dragon ball z games: one piece games: bleach games: fairy tail games: fireboy and watergirl games: others games site. One Piece Vs Naruto 2.0 Hacked: Bvn2 6 S3 Offline Game: Super Smash Flash. You can play One Piece VS Naruto 4.0 on one of the best fighting games on our site! Our game is a challenging fighting game. You can play 2 or alone on the computer. Action Games Fighting. Anime Battle, an excellent crossover fighting game, is back in version 2.0 adding no less than 4 new characters. The first to join the fight is Luffy (One Piece), the famous pirate with a straw hat in a new version: 'two years later.' Get ready an awesome struggle by characters of One Piece which was appeared first time in 1997, and Naruto manga series was appeared later.You will be addict of this game which contains lots of different characters like Naruto, Kushina, Obito, Tobirama in itself.

Game Naruto Vs One Piece Vs Fairy Tail Mugen 2014
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Game Naruto Vs One Piece Vs Fairy Tail Mugen 2014 Download

Feverishly awaited by the many fans of the series, this version 2.0 adds the falsely polite and manipulative 'Sosuke Aizen', the former captain of the 5th Division in the Gotei 13. Kenshin also gains a new transformation (use J+K keys). Fiat hitachi fh 150 manual instructions. To top it off, Grimmjow and Harribel are emerging among the summon characters. More complete than ever, Bleach vs Naruto 2.0 now has no less than 24 main playable characters and promises hours of intense fighting.
Menu Screen:
Z/S: Up/Down
A/D: Left/Right
J: Select
Game Controls:
A/D: Left/Right
S: Defense
J: Attack
U: Distance attack
K: Jump
L: Dash
I: Special attack
O: Summon assistance
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