Hologic Securview Qc Manual

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  • SecurView RT Diagnostic Workstation v10.4 DICOM Conformance Statement US-English SecurViewRT v10.4 DICOM Conformance Statement (MAN-06323) English Rev0.pdf 1.38 MB.
  • SecurView RT and TechMate for Software Version 8.2: 1.06 MB: SecurView DX Software Version 8.3: 1.06 MB: SecurView RT and TechMate for Software Version 8.3: 1 MB: SecurView DX Software Version 8.4: 1.1 MB: SecurView RT and TechMate for Software Version 8.4: 1.04 MB: SecurView DX Software Version 9.0: 831.26 KB: SecurView RT Software Version 9.0.
  • Our mission to protect and preserve the lives of your patients fuels the development of advanced technologies that extend across the Hologic continuum of products, including our image viewing and analysis solutions. One such line of systems is the SecurView workstation, which includes the SecurView DX and SecurView RT workstations. These systems offer flexible.

SecurView, and Page 7/26. Read PDF Hologic Selenia Qc Manual associated logos are. Quality-control- manual - s hologic-lorad-seleni a-quality-control-Page 10/26.

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Hologic Securview Qc Manual User

Hologic securview qc manual form

Securview Qc Manual

Introducing the 3Dimensions™ Mammography System

Hologic Securview Qc Manual Pdf

The industry’s fastest, highest resolution breast tomosynthesis system, ever.1

The new 3Dimensions™ Mammography System matches the unrivaled performance of our Genius™ 3D Mammography™ exam. ONLY the Hologic Genius™ exam:

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  • Clinically proven to deliver a more comfortable mammogram.2
  • Proven to detect 20-65% more invasive breast cancers than 2D alone.3
  • The only mammogram FDA approved as superior for women with dense breasts compared to 2D mammography.4,5
  • More than 200 studies demonstrate the exam’s clinical efficacy.

Secureview Hologic

Now you can have these clinically proven results with the new Hologic 3Dimensions™ 3D Mammography™ system.