How To Unblock A Block Reference In Autocad

  1. I am using AutoCad 2007. As for msasu reply, by blocked objects I mean entities contained in a block definition. I will try bedit command.
  2. To Delete a Block Part Reference (AutoCAD Mechanical Toolset) Click Annotate tab BOM panel Part Reference drop-down Edit. Click the part reference to delete. In the Management section, click Disconnect.
  3. Oct 24, 2006 Needing to change the colors in a detail that has attributes in the title block, however its not so simple becuase some of the attributes are 'locked'. So have to go into the attribute editor box, and update each set of text individually. Is there an easier way to do this or to just unlock the attr.
  4. Dec 15, 2011 Intead of knocking over your cubicle because you can’t edit a block, there is an AutoCAD system variable that lets you lock your blocks from being able to edit them in the Block Editor. So if you cannot explode a block or edit in the block editor, this tip is for you. The system variable is BLOCKEDITLOCK and can be set to either 1 or 0 (zero).

By Virupaksha Aithal This example will prompt the user to select some entities and then filter all the block references named 'ABC'. It then iterates through the selection set and calls erase method on each blockReference.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Block Control In Reference Drawing?

Jul 29, 2011

I'm using Architecture 2011, but the problem is pretty generic.
I am working with a very complex vendor drawing and using it as an xref to my working drawing. I need to be able to freeze parts of the xref and change colors (for plotting purposes) of other parts. Under ideal circumstance this would require simple layer manipulation.
My problem is that a large percentage of the vendor drawing is made up of blocks. There are nearly 1000 different blocks. Most of these blocks were created using layers other than 0 - quite often more than one layer is used. Sometimes the block is inserted on a layer that was used in it's creation, sometimes not. The only way I can omit one of these blocks from my drawing is to figure out what layer was used in it's creation and freeze that layer. You can see how this could be a pretty tedious process.
My limited CAD knowledge only gives me: edit all 1000 blocks, changing them to layer 0

AutoCAD .NET :: Inserting Block Reference Which Stored In Same Drawing / DB

Jun 5, 2012

I am trying to write a function to insert a block reference of a block definition which is already stored in the same drawing.
All threads are leads me to the way of inserting another drawing to current drawing with use of database.readdwgfile & database.insert.
How to use those methods for a block definition stored in the same drawing.

AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Reference Surface (x) Not Found In Reference Drawing

Jul 28, 2011

I am getting this error in my production drawings.
My setup is as follows:
- EG.dwg has my existing surface in it. I create a data reference to use it in other drawings.
- Level One.dwg has the EG surface data referenced in, and I use this to create alignments, profiles, and finish surface. All of these are turned in to data references.
- Storm Sanitary.dwg has my pipe designs. I data reference in the two surfaces, profiles, and alignments, and create pipe networks. I create references for these networks.
- Plan Profile.dwg is the production sheet I'm getting this error from. Every one of my civil objects is data referenced in to this drawing. Everything is inserted correctly, the pipes show correct FG surface elevations for their rims, etc.
BUT when I open this drawing, I get this error. I assume it's because my FG surface is not directly in the storm sanitary.dwg.
How do I get rid of this error, without combining drawings, or promoting the surface to one or more drawings? Isn't this exactly what data references is made for?

AutoCAD .NET :: Error While Changing Block Definition Of An Block Reference

Oct 21, 2013

I'm trying to change block the definition of an block reference.
I did something like this:
blockreference.BlockTableRecord = newBlock.ObjectId;
In most cases this works well. However I found a case that it not work as well. When I try to change the definition from a new block that I have created in my test DWG, it disappears from the model.

AutoCAD .NET :: Determine If A Block Reference Of The Block Exist

May 3, 2012

I have a block: “Block_A”. I am trying to determine if a block reference of the block exist.
Currently I would iterate every block Reference in the Block Table, and then dig deep into each block ref . . . . .
I was wondering if I could just take “Block_A” and see if it has reference and where the references are. Perhaps this is just wishful thinking but I was hoping for a faster way to obtain the references then to iterate thousands of blocks in each table record.

AutoCAD .NET :: Insert Block Reference Using Block Name

Nov 17, 2012

Drawing contains a block with 'BlkName'. I want to insert blockreferences of this existing block using .Net. All shows how to insert a new block and then use the BlockID returned by the insert function. In my case I only have the block name and there is no Block id. How to get it or how to create a block reference of an existing block?

AutoCAD .NET :: Polyline 3Ds In Block Reference

Jan 11, 2013

I have a weird problem with exploding block reference with as follows.
When I use BR.explode(DBObjectCollection), and append the entities in the object collection to model space,
the 3d Polylines inside the block reference do not get appended and I do not get any kind of error. The reason for this eludes me as of yet. (remember, simple polylines and lines and other objects do get appended to model space)
When I use BR.explodetoOwnerSpace(), the block reference explodes as it normally is expected to, but then I have no way to collect the objects from the exploded BR.

AutoCAD Map 3D :: Block Reference Scale

Sep 27, 2012

I'm working with two different drawings to import Layers for Lot Grading and when I'm importing the Block Reference from the origin file, it's setup as Linescale 0.5, but when I import into my regular basemap, which is setup for Linescale 1, the text size is double what it should be.

AutoCAD VB :: Block Reference Rotation

Oct 22, 2013

I'm trying to write a vb script to extract information from the CAD drawing. While testing, i found that for some drawing blocks, the corresponding AcadBlockReference Rotation returns 1.57, but when i look at the actual drawing, block properties, the rotation is 0.

AutoCAD .NET :: Selecting In Block Reference?

May 11, 2010

i need to use something with similar effect to Editor's method SelectCrossingWindow, but i need it to select object in Block Reference. How can i do that?

AutoCAD .NET :: Block Reference Attributes

Jul 13, 2012

I have a block reference in a dwg that is a like a form, for example:
Written By: Diogo
Author: Diogo
Date: 13-07-2012
State: Check-in
In autocad this is a block, and on the attributes of the block reference I only can edit State and Author, and i would like to get all values. Because i want to fill those values of Written By, Author, Date and State by code. I can reach the attribute collection of the block but i only can see the State and Author.

AutoCad :: Explode A Reference Block?

ReferenceJun 14, 2011

is ter any way to explode a reference block

Lagu dangdut grup gaul jalan datar

AutoCAD .NET :: Select Block Reference By Attribute Value

Nov 29, 2012

I have a drawing with many block references on it and they have some attributes.
I know how to find the block reference witch the attribute value, and even change it but I don't know how to select it once I have the object ID of the block.
How can I do the selection without asking the user to select it?

AutoCAD 2013 :: Label Block Reference

Aug 2, 2013

I wonder if this can be done. i have a number of blocks which have labels to them i.e. JW1, JW2, JW3 etc. which corresponds to the block name. Is it possible to have the label automatically referenced to the block name so if i change the block name to JW10 the label within the block changes to JW10 as well.

AutoCAD .NET :: Get Block Reference Information Error

Mar 21, 2013

I get a block reference (has attribute) from other drawing as code follow:
Public Sub GetBlock_Info() Dim blockName As String = 'test' Try Dim doc As Document = Application.DocumentManager.MdiActiveDocument Dim doclock As DocumentLock = doc.LockDocument() Dim ed As Editor = doc.Editor Dim ofd As New OpenFileDialog('Select Drawing', Nothing, 'dwg; dwt', 'ATS detai drawing', Autodesk.AutoCAD.Windows.OpenFileDialog.OpenFileDialogFlags.DoNotTransferRemoteFiles) Dim dr As

AutoCAD .NET :: How To Fill Color For Block Reference

Sep 9, 2013

i have a .dwg fille with some block reference.
I want to fill color for block reference, but when I debug to hatch.appendloop function, I get message eInvalidInput, and block don’t fill color.
This is my
public void FillColor()
Document doc =
Editor ed =
Database db =
Transaction tr =

AutoCAD .NET :: Change Block Reference Attribute

Mar 7, 2010

I have an issue regarding nested entity.
I have a nested entity block reference. In this entity I have three blocks. if I change any of the block reference attribute definition in the nested block reference then it is changing the original block itself.
Actually I am getting the handle of the selected block reference in the nested Entity. and change the attribute reference later. but it is making change in the block itself and other block reference too.
Here is my
static public void CONTACTS()
Document doc = Autodesk.AutoCAD.ApplicationServices.Application.DocumentManager.MdiActiveDocument;
Editor ed = doc.Editor;
string contactName = string.Empty;//to hold contact name, from xdata

AutoCAD .NET :: How To Locate Text Near Block Reference

May 24, 2012

I have tried to use intersectwith to locate text (MText or DBText) near a block reference. Some times it works and some times it does not. The hard part for me is understanding why it occasionally works when most examples are just duplicates with modified text and attributes.
My block reference has 4 attributes to the left (Right Justified) of a circle and 2 attributes inside the circle. The text objects are used by some CAD operators instead of the upper 2 lines of attributtes. (Guess they dont know how to modify attributes) I want to locate these texts and insert text into the corresponding attribute.
Block Reference:
Att 1 '''' <-- CAD User will insert a txt over Att 1 and Att 2,
Att 2 <-- both attributes are usally left blank or contain a space
Att 3
Att 4 ...

AutoCAD Inventor :: Title Block Reference?

Apr 5, 2012

I have text in my title block that references part properties. If I have several different part and assembly base views on a sheet, how do I control which one the title block references? It defaults to the first one that was placed. I am using 2011 Pro.

AutoCAD .NET :: Get Block Handle From Attribute Reference?

Sep 21, 2011

Is is possible to get the block handle from an attribute reference? I get the attribute reference from a previously stored attribute collection. I did try attref.BlockId.Handle.Value.ToString(), but it gives a different value, not the block's id.

AutoCAD .NET :: Move Block Reference Up Or Down Vertically

Apr 23, 2013

I need to select a block in AutoCAD, and move it up or down vertically. I can get to the point where I have the user select a particular block, but after that, how do I get a reference to the block selected so I can move it up or down?

AutoCad :: Delete Objects In Block Reference?

Feb 7, 2013

I have a block that I use as hatch (using superhatch), so the block appears several times. At the border of the hatch I want to fix some of the lines.
If I try to ungroup & explode the hatch, then the block appears outside of the hatch boundry.
So my question is if I can fix the lines so the hatch remains whole.

AutoCad :: Using Dynamic Block As External Reference

Dec 2, 2013

Is there a possibility to use 'Dynamic Blocks' as an 'External Reference' having the ability to use their features at the same time?
The thing is I have dwg1 and dwg2 files and in them I use 'Dynamic Block1'. Whenever I update 'Dynamic Block1' in one of the dwg files I have to go to 'design center' and update the 'Dynamic Block1' in other dwg file.

AutoCad 3D :: Subtracting A Reference Block From A Solid?

Jul 26, 2013

AutoDesk 2014 . I am currently trying to design in iphone case. So I downloaded a replica iPhone from grab cad:
I imported it and formed a solid around it, now I am trying to subtract the phone from the solid so it perfectly fits within the case. It will not let me subtract it though because the phone is a reference block and the square around it is a solid.

AutoCAD .NET :: Using Block Reference As Point Symbol?

Jun 6, 2011

I create a set of points in a drawing and create each point as a block reference containing the point, text and probably something else. Also I would like to use different symbols for points and each of the symbols is defined as a block definition, and for each point I create a block reference according to the symbol type. The question is if is there any way to 'combine' block definitions/references? I mean, I have common block definition for all points, whis defines somethin common for all of them. Also I have different symbols for each type of points and each symbol is defined separately as a block. But when a final point is created (containing common definitions and type-dependent symbol) I want to have it as a single block.

AutoCAD .NET :: How To Iterate Through Items Of A Block Reference In Dotnet

Apr 13, 2013

I'm a newbie in dotnet and want to now if is possible to iterate through items of a block reference.
My problem is the following : I explode a block reference in dotnet (it works well) and I want to change the items layer that compose the bloc reference. It's the reason why i need to browse items of this block.

How To Unblock A Block Reference In Autocad Download

AutoCAD .NET :: Selection Filter On Block Reference XData

Apr 12, 2007

I'm trying to use a Selection Filter on Block Reference XData value. But I get no hits, it works fine with Lines and Polylines that has the same kind of XData.
Is it a bug or do I have to define my Selection Filter differently when working with Block Reference?
Here is a part of the code :
TypedValue[] flt = new TypedValue[]
new TypedValue(-4, ' new TypedValue(-4, ' new TypedValue(8, 'POLYLINE_LAYER'),
new TypedValue(1001, 'Object_Id'),
new TypedValue(1000, '166448'),
new TypedValue(-4, 'AND>'),

AutoCAD VB :: Updating Block Reference After Making Changes To Definition

Aug 23, 2013

I have a small vba sub wich changes the color and layer of all entities inside a block. It seems to work pretty well for the majority of blocks, but then if I try that on a dynamic block, the definition is correctly altered, but the references aren't updated..
I know for a fact that the definition has been correctly modified because if I type bedit, I can see the definition is modified. Then, in the block editor, if I save the block, the references are correctly updated.
How to force references to update after I made the modifications inside the definition ?
I searched for methods within the VBA Reference and I tried blockRef.Update but it doesn't seem to have any effect.

AutoCAD .NET :: Unable To Access Block Reference In Database

Nov 23, 2012

I inserted a block from a dwg drawing with the following method:
public static ObjectId InsertBlock(string fileName, Point3d insPoint) { var acadDoc = Application.DocumentManager.MdiActiveDocument; var blockId = default(ObjectId); using (var acadLockDoc = acadDoc.LockDocument()) { var dbTemp = new Database(false, true); dbTemp.ReadDwgFile(fileName, FileShare.Read, false, '); var blockName = Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(fileName);

AutoCAD 2013 :: Turn Off Block Reference Dialogue Box?

May 23, 2013

how to turn off the Block Reference Dialogue Box that appears when you put your cursor over and object or text?

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Photoshop Elements :: Get Browser To Unblock An Update To 9 On Windows?

Oct 8, 2012

On aol as browser, I am trying to download update 9.03. It comes up as blocked by my browser. Is there anyway I can get this to let me download? I have bothe Mac and Windows versions on my Mac and PC (Windows 7).

AutoCAD 2013 :: Updating Block References Resets Block Table Selections?

Sep 4, 2012

We use a number of blocks with block tables for data extraction here, and whenever one of the blocks is modified and updated, all of the block tables reset to the default value. This happens for any block reference change, not just changes to the block table (which makes sense that it would reset).
How can we update these blocks without having to manually change all of the block tables afterwards?

AutoCAD 2013 :: Dynamic Block In Action Doesn't Reflect Test Block

Jan 24, 2013

I am in the process of fixing one of our dynamic blocks. It's a fairly simple fix where there was a typo in one of the names of our items in the lookup that needed to be fixed.
I changed the name of the item in the lookup table. I went and did the test block and it seemed to work fine, but when I bring the block into a drawing, it reverts back to the old lookup as if I did nothing at all.
I made sure that the path was correct and I even just dragged and dropped straight from Windows Explorer to no avail.Does AutoCAD keep referring to the old block? Did I forget to change something else?

AutoCAD Architecture :: Explode Destroys The Small Block Inside Bigger Block?

May 30, 2012

I have a block containing several parts blocks. When I explode the main block all of the parts are exploded back to lines. I have used both 'explode' and 'xplode' and have the same results. How can I explode so I have my components as blocks?

AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Inserting A Block Deletes Points With Point Style With Same Block

Oct 16, 2013

We're using C3D 2013 SP2. The survey company we use uses point styles to show the blocks. Say they shoot a catchbasin. Instead of inserting the block, the point shows up as the block.
I did a field check & needed to insert a missed CB. When I inserted the block, the other points that were CBs disappeared. I had to insert the block, copy it the clipboard, undo the insertion & then paste the block in. It did this on other drawings & other blocks.

AutoCAD 2010 :: Inserting New Block And Entering Attribute Data By Selecting Another Block?

Aug 13, 2012

Is it possible, via whatever methods (lisp?) to be able to have a premade block with an attribute and insert it into a drawing then assign a value to it by selecting another existing block in the drawing and using one of its own attribute’s values?
For example, say I have a block representing a telephone and it had an attribute called 'PhoneNo' and I inserted it into a drawing showing an office floor plan that had blocks in each office space that are telephone junction boxes with attributes 'PhoneExtension'. I would like to be able to autocomplete the entering of the “PhoneNo” data by selecting one of the telephone junction boxes in the drawing and using its attribute’s value.

AutoCAD 2010 :: Dynamic Block Grips - Block Does Not Change When Insert In Another File

Oct 28, 2013

I have created a dynamic block with a stretch, flip and rotate. Everything works great in its file. When I insert it in another file, the grips move but the block does not change.
AutoCAD 2014

AutoCAD Visual LISP / AutoLISP :: Removing Nested Block From Main Block?

Oct 3, 2013

I get an AutoCAD drawing from my conveyor manufacturer who have buried a block (tagname) in all of their conveyor blocks.
The only way to remove them is to manually use BEDIT and erase the tagname block.
Is there a way through Autolisp to search all blocks in a drawings and if the tagname block is part of the definition of the conveyor block, erase the tagname block or redefine the conveyor block without the tagname block.

AutoCAD 2010 :: Convert Block Back To Title Block Or Border

How To Unblock A Block Reference In Autocad Free

Feb 15, 2012

We have a title block and border which is used in MS. If this is referenced using AMTITLE then it acts as expected. We issue these to some external people to create our drawings but they have been using CTRL-C and V to place them in a new drawing. ACAD does now not see them as a Title block or border but as blocks. We have a process to bring DWG's into SAP and this will check for a title block and border.
The issue is we need to fix these drawings and currently this means removing the borders and title blocks and placing new ones then adding all the attributes again. Is there a way to convert the blocks back to how they should be?
AutoCADM 2011 SP2
XP 32-Bit SP3

AutoCAD Visual LISP / AutoLISP :: Retrieving Block Name Of Anonymous Block

Mar 8, 2013

When dynamic blocks are inserted they're assigned an anonymous block name. I'd like to be able to retrieve the name of the parent block after selecting the block on screen using AutoLisp.
Need a bit of code that handles this?

AutoCAD 2013 :: New Block A Stretch Point Appears Even If Its Not A Dynamic Block

Dec 3, 2012

my problem is whenever i make a new block a stretch point appears even if its not a dynamic block . also its not a stretch point, because when i click on it, it just move the block , and it always appear on the coordinates 0,0 it cause me a problem when I insert the block , autocad use this point as a base point , and its very far from the real block .

Revit :: How To Convert Existing 2D Autocad Title Block Into Block Template

Jul 24, 2008

How to convert existing 2d autocad title block into Revit title block template?

AutoCAD LT :: Block Editor Saves Block But When Closing Says Changes Haven't Been Saved?

Mar 28, 2013

I have created a bock in ACAD 2011 LT. I then save the block using the command line or ribbon button then immediately try to close the block editor without moving or changing anything. A dialog appears saying the changes have not been saved to the block and would I like to save? If I say no don't save my changes and reopen the block the changes have in fact been saved.
My question is there a way to get around this dialog box -Suppress it like FILEDIA = 0 for block editor or an option so it doesn't ask me to save.
The goal is to do this all from the command line w/ out dialog boxes.

AutoCad :: Objects Not Part Of Block When Moved While Editing Block In-place?

Feb 3, 2012

When editing block in-place, not onely objects in the block, but also other objects (just drawn normal in modelspace), is affected by the commands.

AutoCad :: Attribute In Title Block Exists In Block Editor But Not In Project

Sep 6, 2012

Autocad 2011, Electrical package,
I have an existing title block a few text attributes, to which I wish to add a watermark. I have added it in the block editor as a normal attribute, with the same details as the other attributes that work, only a different tag name. It has a default value, 'DRAFT' and is tagged 'WMARK'. It works fine in the Block Editor, and If I test the block I can edit it to display whatever I want, but if I save the block and open it from Autocad proper, the attribute is not in existence, either as a default value, or editable from block properties, attribute editor or title block editor, whereas all of the other attributes are there. I have used BattMan to verify the settings of the attribute, and the only difference is that the others all have 'L' in the 'Modes' column, but I think that means that their position is 'locked' whereas my new attribute is justified 'aligned' therefore cannot be 'locked' (This is some assumption on my part, as the documentation on the 'Modes' column is almost non-existent). I cannot afford to waste much more time on this issue, as the boss is breathing down my neck, but editing watermarks on every drawing after every revision is frustrating, when it could be an attribute that is editable from the title block editor.

AutoCAD Visual LISP / AutoLISP :: Block Insertion Routine Based On Block File Name

Apr 5, 2013

Create a routine that looks for a block based on a portion of that block name, using a specified path or search path.
For example, block to search for is BLOCKABC123, so if someone inputs ABC or 123 as a block name, it will locate that block within that folder and inserts it into the drawing at a user specified location.
Ideally, if there is a check in that if it finds more than one match, then perhaps it flags or prompts you to choose 1, 2, or 3 option which block to use. But I can live without this special function if it requires too much time to code.

AutoCAD Visual LISP / AutoLISP :: Match Multiple Attribute Values From One Block To Another Block

Feb 12, 2012

I need to match few attribute values from one block to different block. I download a lisp file called; ca.lsp which can match the single attribute value. I modified it for more than one attribute value matching. It is ok but still wish to overcome two issues for batch prcess
1. picking up the blocks by selection
2. click the alternative block numbers of times to match the numbers of attribute values I needed.
How to modify this lisp I can run it by block name selections instead of picking selection which enable me to run batch process for numbers of drawing? That will be good..
Lisp & Demo file attached (Match attribute value, A, B & C to Attribute 1, 2 & 3).

AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Create Block With Attributes That Automatically Complete X / Y And Z For Insertion Point Of Block?

Feb 14, 2013

Is there a way to create a block with attributtes that automatically complete x, y, z, lat, long for the insertion point of the block?
I am trying to complete text in paperspace that will automatically fill in the lat long of a point in model space without using a table. I have tried field insertion with reference to a cogo point, but it doesn't give options for position on a cogo point. If I pick a block with attributes, it will let me pick any attributes, and x,y position for the block.
Cogo points show all the information I need to propagate in the properties..but how do I get that to translate into the text using fields or some other method?
Dell Precision T3600 - Windows 7 64-bit
NVIDIA Quadro 600
Intel(R) Xenon(R) CPU E5-1607 0 @ 3.00GHz 3.00GHz
8 GB ram - Two 1TB raid

AutoCAD Visual LISP / AutoLISP :: Insert Point At List Block And Dynamic Block

Apr 18, 2013

I am learning autolips and i found a problem that i can´t solved.
(vl-load-com)(defun c:pmb ( / ss ent pt )(prompt '
selec block : ')(setq ss (ssget '((0 . 'INSERT')))) (setq ent (ssname ss 0)), (setq pt (cdr (assoc 10 (entget ent)))) (command 'point' pt))
wich this code you select one block and insert one point at insert point´s block.
which this other code yo select all block and insert all point.. but in one block
(vl-load-com) (defun c:pmb11 ( / sele cod bloque nbloque lista pt ) (prompt '
block: ') (setq sele (ssget ( List'(0 . 'INSERT'))) Cod 0 )cod (1+ cod) (repeat (sslength sele) (setq bloque (ssname sele cod)) (setq pt (cdr (assoc 10 ( entget bloque)))) (command 'punto' pt) );repeat )

AutoCad :: Dynamic Piping Blocks - Inserting And Linking A Flange Block To Pipe Block?

May 21, 2013

I have created d/blocks for my different pipe sizes i.e one block with a dropdown to select the different sizes and have done the same for my flanges. now how do I link / insert the flange d/block to the piping block so that I can export the information into a material list later on.

AutoCAD Visual LISP / AutoLISP :: Insert A Block / Explode And Rename Nested Block With Suffix

Nov 30, 2012

I have a block that i want to insert several times and revised each one to be different to do this i would have to insert it and rename the blocks that come in and then reinsert i would like to insert and have a lisp explode the main block and rename the other 2 blocks with a suffix at the end depending on how many times its in the drawing.. can this even be done? My original block name that will be first inserted is 'BENT PULLEY NOTES' it needs to explode after i drop it in and then there are 2 blocks within that called 'Bent Pulley' and 'Bent Pulley DYN' that i was hoping to keep the names but add a number at the end depending on how many are in the drawing already..
here is a lisp that i have found.. it would work if i didn't have nested blocks and only wanted the one block to be insert and not explode..
(defun c:Test (/ e i name Bname )
(setq e nil)
(command '_.-insert' 'Drawing1.dwg' pause ' ' ')
(if (setq e (entlast))
[Code] ....

How To Unblock Navigation Block

AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Actions And Parameter Grips Obscure Drawing-block In Block Editor

Mar 28, 2011

My drawing- block is a little bit complicated, it contains few actions and parameters and everytime i open block editor to add, or to modify some action I can't see my drawing because actions grips and parameters grips obscure my drawing. I tried to refresh layout but it doesn't work.
please take a look on attached jpg.

AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Transferring One Block Text Attribute To Another Block?

Nov 8, 2013

Is there a way that I can create a block with text ('A') and when I insert the block and populate the block another block block will update also? I am wanting to create a block for x-sec flags, and detail callouts that update their detail titles.
AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 SP4
Windows 7 (64)

How To Unblock A Block Reference In Autocad 2016

AutoCAD 2013 :: Importing Attribute Data From A Block Into Another Block?

May 30, 2013

I have 2 drawings with the following content :
Drawing 1 : Contains tree blocks that have a specific scale dependant on the tree size
Drawing 2 : Contains a block with just a point and attribute data about the tree (name, size etc.)
This block is approximatly at the same location as the tree block (0,1 m precision)
Problem I want to join these two items together. In other words, in the tree block that is scaled correctly i want the attribute data with the name, size etc. These blocks don't have a corresponding unique number or something like that.

AutoCAD .NET :: Insert Block And Drag Jig Hiding Inserted Block At 0,0

Apr 11, 2013

I have a pallete button that inserts a block then a drag jig to position it. The block is first inserted at 0,0 and dragged.
The block at 0,0 remains visible while a 'duplicate' block is dragged. Is there a way to hide the original?
Insert block then calling the drag jig.
AddViewBlock(New Point3d(0, 0, 0), 0, ColorIndex, trans) psr = ed.SelectLast() DragView(psr.Value, 'Bar Insertion Point')
In the DragView procedure I have:
Public Sub DragView(ByVal SS As SelectionSet, ByVal sPrompt As String)
Dim ppr As PromptPointResult = ed.Drag(SS, vbLf & sPrompt, New DragCallback(AddressOf MyDragCallback))

AutoCAD .NET :: Error While Changing Block Definition Of An Block Reference

Oct 21, 2013

I'm trying to change block the definition of an block reference.
I did something like this:
blockreference.BlockTableRecord = newBlock.ObjectId;
In most cases this works well. However I found a case that it not work as well. When I try to change the definition from a new block that I have created in my test DWG, it disappears from the model.

How To Unblock A Block Reference In Autocad File

AutoCad :: Setup In Dynamic Type Block That Would Allow To Select The Block

Jun 22, 2012

I have a series of logos that we use. I would like to have them setup in a dynamic type block that would allow us to select the block and choose from a pull down that logo to use.
I have see it done before just don't know how to replicate it.
As you scrolled through the choices as each one was highlighted it would display that one on the screen.

Delete Block Reference Autocad

AutoCad 2D :: Dynamic Block Constraints And Block Table Action

Nov 23, 2011

My boss gave me a copy of Autocad 2012. I've messed around with architecture 2010 before so the ribbons are no surprise. One thing I have noticed that's really different is the dynamic block constraints & block table actionblock properties table? I looks very similar to the lookup property table

AutoCad 3D :: How To Edit Block In A Way Which Removes Original Origin Of Block

May 23, 2013

I use AutoCAD for mac 2013. I'm a interior design student and I have a question regarding editing 3D Blocks which can be downloaded from the web.
If I download a 'free' 3D Block, is it possible to edit the block in a way which removes the 'original origin' of that block?? I have tried exploding the block and redefining it in a wblock file and changing the layer. But I'm not sure if this process has removed the original information which it came from..
If there is a way to remove the origin (that is came from the web).

AutoCAD Inventor :: Block Attribute In Part Sketch Block

Feb 28, 2012

Is it possible to create a text block attribute in part sketch mode?