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  1. Gamigo’s portfolio of free-to-play games on console, PC, and mobile promises action and adventure for everyone. Create mythical heroes and explore the birthplace of Magic in ArcheAge. Hone your crafting skills as your favorite cubed creatures build fantastical realms in Trove. Form friendships with Eidolons and engage in fast, fluid battle like never before in Aura Kingdom.
  2. IronSight® is a modern military First Person Shooter(FPS) game, in view of the fight overcommon recourses between military and private military company, furnished with front line weapons and automaton frameworks.

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Aeria Games / Gamigo announced that their version of the free to play FPS Ironsight will be shutting down on August 10, 2020, but a new version of the game will live on through its developer Wiple Games on August 15th on Steam. All progress on the current version of the game will be lost, but Ironsight will live on through a new global version of the game.

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While Ironsight was never particularly popular, the game was averaging 330 players online over the last 30 days, which definitely isn't too bad. With so many free to play lobby based shooters out there (think Combat Arms, Black Squad, Crossfire, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, etc), it's tough market out there.

Ironsight For Mac

While Ironsight wasn't profitable for Gamigo, I suspect that Wiple Games will keep Ironsight servers running for years to come.

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