Jimmy Neutron The Pizza Is Aggressive

It all started off as a normal day for the Nutrins, well at least for Jimmy.

'Hello Jimmy, hello Hugh. I am going to make a delicious dinner meal' said Judy, but Jimmy's father Hugh did not agree with her. Instead he does the unthinkable; He pulls out a gun, probably a .58 Caliber Flintlock and kills her.

Jimmy Neutron The Pizza Is Aggressive

'Jimmy your mom is dead, do an order of pizza for dinner' said Hugh 'Okay daddy' said a shocked Jimmy. He has no option but to do it because he did not wanted to be the next one to die, so he simply got up from the sofa, he walked towards the phone though it looks more like he is levitating and dials Pizza Hut's number (A/N: This was pretty random, so don't kill me.)

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'Hello, can I get a large pizza pie for the Nutrin household?' Little does he know that his father is approaching him and tells Jimmy to bond with him 'Now it is time for father-son bonding' 'BOND WITH ME JIMMY'. He then observes as the room he is in changes to a dark red with this sudden lightning effect.

See full list on knowyourmeme.com. Jimmy Neutron: Pizza Monster. Description Discussions 0 Comments 43 Change Notes. 'The Pizza is Aggressive!' -Hugh gets beheaded by the Pizza-'Oh Shit!' Jimmy neutron happy family happy hour t-shirts. All Product Tags. Jimbles nontronbo. The pizza is aggressive. Haiku The Pizza is Aggressive. Posted by 2 years ago. I forgot there was an episode of Jimmy Neutron where the pizza actually was aggressive. Jimmy's crazy adventures involving pizzas en' shit. Is based of his real life moment were hot pizza fell on his head, burning half of his head. Of course the parents didn't care and were licking the pizza's cheese of Jim's head. Man the pizza is aggressive. A episode called 'N Man' is based of Jim seeing a gay hulk porn movie.

Now you see Jimmy with his father watching television while pointing it with his Caliber. 'Is there anything I can do to fix this?' 'How will I explain to others that my father killed my mother?' said Jimmy in his mind, as he watches television a bit of static suddenly pops up but it does nothing to Jimmy nor his father. He then listens to the door bell and once again levitates towards the door.

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His front door mysteriously opens by itself and he notices that the delivery guy was outside, but since the pizza came in 45.7 minutes he did not had to pay for it. 'Here is your pizza' says the delivery guy miserably. But the pizza went flying and for a split second it went through Jimmy's body but made no harm. Hugh notices that the pizza pie was getting closer so he ducks and dodges the pizza for only this time.

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'The pizza is aggressive' he says, but the pizza returns, only to decapitate him. 'Oh shit'.. ..those were Hugh's final words. Then the camera zooms out to a third person perspective to then zoom to Jimmy's face. 'Just another day in the life of Jimmy Nutrin'. His eyes get bigger and his mouth widens, he doesn't know what's going on, then the camera zooms into his face aside with the music, starting to get between highly pitched and distorded.

I hope you liked my Point of View from this video and I might continue to make more stories like this one. Later.