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Xpadder latest version app is one the new version which the developers of Xpadder have released. This version can be downloaded from the official Xpadder website. The total size of it is below 10 MB, Hence you won’t need to worry about the space it takes up in your PC.

Also, after you download Xpadder new version, you can use multiple controllers of different brands to play your PC games. Although, the minimum required version of Windows for Xpadder 5.8 is Windows 10. It is fairly new version of the software and hence it is not compatible with Windows versions below Windows 10.

After you download the Xpadder from its website, first of all, place the image of your specific controller on the Xpadder window. This will make it easier to configure controls on the controller. Now you can use the sticks option to set up how the analogs are going to function on your controller. Similarly, you can set up the D-pad, buttons and the triggers as well.

This way you can configure your controller to function exactly like your keyboard and mouse functions. Once the configuration is done, at the top left corner of Xpadder, you will see a save option. Click on to save and save everything you have changed. Then you can go ahead and close Xpadder latest version 2019, and open up any game you like.

Now if required you can go into the game settings and set the manual controls yourself, otherwise, you can straight away start playing the game. So in conclusion, we would strongly urge you to try the Xpadder latest version app. It is a software that makes it easier to play games by allowing you to play using your game controller. Also, the interface is pretty simple to interact with.

We provide an easy way to download free Xpadder tool/software for the best gaming experience and use it for your personal use. Get the latest version of Xpadder version 5.7 for your Windows XP, 7, and more. Xpadder, free and safe download. Xpadder latest version: Xpadder offers new levels of customisation for your gamepads. All PC and laptop gamers have had trouble with gamepads at some point. Telecharger xpadder - Best answers Xpadder windows 10 - How-To - Hardware Latest update on October 1, 2020 at 03:59 AM.

It uses simple software to map functions from one device to the other. Plus, there is a free version available as well. You can go to any third party website which hosts Xpadder free download and get it without paying a penny.

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Games are fun and entertaining for everyone due to constant changes in the state of its visual content which is made possible through an input device. There are several input devices that allow users to interact with games on various machines. On computers, the common input devices are the keyboard and the mouse.

Video game consoles feature dedicated controllers that were specially designed for easy handling and full immersion when gaming. Due to the desirability of these controllers, software developers have created a program that enables computer owners to use them for gaming on PCs. Xpadder improves the playability of games on computers through the use of well-designed gamepads.

How Can Xpadder Improve Gaming on Your PC?

Xpadder makes it possible for users to enjoy the PC version of their favorite games. There are a couple of games which are available on the windows platform with no support for controllers. Gamers are forced to play such games using keyboards, trackpads or an external mouse and may not be able to access the full range of functionalities that are available on dedicated machines.

The software is lightweight with a straightforward interface and features that are easy to use. Users can create special mapping profiles for different games with unique controls. Crack serial presto pvr hd decoder free. These profiles are saved in a specified directory to ensure that you do not have to map the game controls from scratch for every gaming session.

The software can automatically detect certain game controllers and assign mouse gestures as well as key combinations to gamepad buttons. Users are able to configure up to 8 different sets of game controllers in a single profile. Each gamepad can be assigned a unique image to identify the controller model. Configuration templates can also be found on the website of some game developers as well as online gaming communities.

Users can manually assign game triggers as well as keyboard shortcuts to the various buttons on the gamepad. Mouse gestures are then assigned to the analog joysticks with the emulation speed adjusted according to the desired sensitivity level through the testing feature. The Turbo Mode allows users to automatically assign game triggers by pressing the desired buttons for each function.

Configurations can always be edited to ensure that mistakes are corrected for an enjoyable gaming experience.

Key Features of Xpadder Include:

  • Access the full range of functionalities that are available on dedicated gaming machines;
  • Manually assign game triggers as well as keyboard shortcuts to the various buttons on the gamepad;
  • Assign mouse gestures to the analog joysticks;
  • Adjust mouse emulation speed according to the desired sensitivity level through the testing feature;
  • Straightforward interface and features that are easy to use;
  • Create special mapping profiles for different games with unique controls;
  • Save gamepad profiles on system storage for easy access;
  • Automatic detection of certain game controllers with full key combinations assigned;
  • Configure up to 8 different sets of game controllers in a single profile;
  • Assign a unique image to help identify the configured controller model;
  • Download and apply configuration templates from the game developer’s website as well as online gaming communities;
  • Automatically assign game triggers by pressing the desired buttons in the Turbo Mode.


It has been observed that the use of a gamepad improves the speed of gameplay and the performance of most players. Xpadder gives you the freedom you need to customize your gaming experience in the most comfortable way possible.

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Xpadder Windows 10 64 Bit

Latest Version Of Xpadder

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  • Version:5.3
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  • Operating system:Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • MD5 Checksum:ee967e49f5373e3e1f3779806b8fe77b
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Latest Version Of Xpadder

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