Monitor Usb Activity

SurveilStar USB Monitor is a powerful data leakage protection tool and device manager which allows you to intercept, display, record and analyze protocol and all the usb data transferred between any USB device connected to your PC and applications.

SurveilStar USB Monitor -- Monitor and Control USB Drive Activity in Real-time

  • Nov 06, 2018 Monitoring USB Storage Activity with Splunk – Part 1 (Connectivity events) By Tony Lee Have you ever wanted to monitor what goes on with removable media in your environment, but maybe lack the money or man power to run a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tool to monitor the USB devices?
  • Monitor USB Activity Our USB device monitor will let you analyze USB data of devices connected to your machine. It works in real time. You can see the data as raw hex dump and at the same time it will be displayed as a decoded readable text for your convenience.

The SurveilStar USB monitoring software offers a completely new dimension to USB device monitoring. Now you can prevent your all important document such as personal and crucial information, patent data, and other corporate financial data from unauthorized access over Windows network.

Check the box to enable these logs. After checking the box, we rebooted for good measure, because hey, this is Windows. Figure 2: DriverFrameworks-UserMode enablement and log path. Connect Event IDs. Now that USB connectivity logging is enabled, insert a USB drive and click the refresh button to see some events.




SurveilStar USB Monitor - Data Leakage Protection Software

As an advanced USB data protection tool, SurveilStar USB Monitor for windows network is extremely useful and intelligent monitoring software that shows exactly the USB device (plug-in and plug-out) activities of your employee’s and other users in real time. It provides complete details of insertion and removal time of USB mass storage devices on windows network which helps you to know what your clients are doing when they are supposed to work.

This powerful USB drive data leakage protection software can monitor USB drive activity and alert by sending a notification to prevent confidential data loss whenever USB drive is inserted or removed on any client machine. The computer data security software provides interactive graphical user interface, so that user can easily configure it without any technical skills. Removable device blocking utility is especially useful for small and medium size organizations including Software companies, Cooperative fields, Research department, Computer labs of school and colleges and various other areas to keep watch on client PCs activities.

Free to download demo version of SurveilStar USB Monitor for Windows Network from our website and easily understand software features and functionality. We provide 30-day free trial demo version which facilities to monitor up to 5 clients in Windows network. To monitor more than 5 clients in given network you can purchase the licensed with volume discount prices.

SurveilStar USB Monitor Key Features

SurveilStar Windows network USB port traffic monitoring software is advanced and professional security tool that provides security from unauthorized access of USB mass storage removable device usage and enhance the security level in most economical and efficient way. Our unique Anti data theft protection tool, completely invisible to the clients, monitors USB drive plug-in and plug-out activities in real time or when is offline.

SurveilStar USB Monitor is highly interactive and customized monitoring utility empowered with special features as follows:

Monitor and Control USB Storage Devices

SurveilStar USB Monitor enables the administrator to easily monitor and control USB drive insertion and removal activities from any client machine. It allows the network administrator to assign setting to all computer within network that include access setting (unable drive/ disable drive) and permission restriction (read/write) to use any of the USB drive on client machine.

Maintain A Complete USB Activity Log File

SurveilStar USB Monitor is an effective USB data theft protection tool for windows network maintaining monitoring and activity log files. Monitoring log files is automatically prepared in html format, providing the detailed information of plug-in and plug-out activities of USB drives in real time and Activity log files providing Access and Permission setting of USB drive on client system from server machine.

Easily maintain activity log, providing Access setting (USB drive is enable and disable on the client machine) and Permission setting (set the USB drive status of read-only or readable/writeable setting on client machine) of USB drive on client machine from server.

Centralized Monitoring Multiple Clients Simultaneously

USB mass storage device activities performed on client’s machine are centrally monitored and recorded by administrator on server. USB drive tracking utility provides plug-in and plug-out activities of user system to restrict leakage of crucial data of any organization.

SurveilStar helps you to keep an eye on multiple clients simultaneously even when client machine is not connected with the server. This computer monitoring utility continuously gives you full details about your clients USB drive plug-in and plug-out activities, what they are doing on line or off line over Windows network.

Supported USB Mass Storage Devices

SurveilStar anti data theft protection utility supports all major brands and capacity of USB mass storage devices including

  • USB Pen drive
  • Pocket PC (mass storage)
  • Mobile phone (mass storage)
  • USB Flash cards
  • USB Audio/Video players
  • USB mp3 player
  • iPod
  • USB Cameras (mass storage)
  • USB Memory Stick
  • USB Jump drive
  • USB Memory card
  • Other (mass storage devices)

Besides monitoring USB drive activity, SurveilStar is also able to monitor various other devices, such as storage device, communication device, Bluetooth device, dial-up device, burning device, network device.

Completely Invisible Real-time and Offline Monitoring


Easy to use USB data theft protection tool for Windows network utility completely secure unauthorized user for accessing Pen drive, Memory card, Thumb drive and various other USB mass storage devices on client machine and record all the USB drive activities on client system over windows centralized network by running on invisible mode.

USB activity monitoring software is efficient and economical tool to capture and record all insertion and removable activities of USB mass storage devices on client machine configured on Windows network in real time as well in offline mode (when the network connection is disconnected or unplugged).

Free programs to monitor system hardware in Windows 10 & 7 are useful tools to check the performance of computer hardware. An expensive component like CPU, RAM, GPU, and Hard disk drive requires regular monitoring. That’s why you need to have the reliable best CPU temperature monitor for windows 10.

This post includes the best program to monitor CPU and GPU temp. This software will also help you check CPU temperature & GPU temp. As these components work most of the time hence generate more heat which is very harmful to computer hardware.

If you are worried that your computer runs a little hot? Or you are curious to know about how to check CPU temp on Windows 10 & 7? Or want to know if the CPU cooling fans are running properly? This CPU temperature gadget is the best choice you have here to monitor system hardware temperature & performance. These PC hardware monitoring software can keep track of overall system performance.

Best PC Tools To Monitor System Hardware

Here are explained 7 best hardware heat monitors which also lets you check the temperature of your PC. You can also check the normal temperature for CPU using these gadgets. These are free, reliable, and the best Windows 10 CPU monitor. This free software will help you monitor system hardware on Windows 10 & 7.

Performance Monitor

Free Windows

PC Performance Monitor windows 10 is a light program that requires less space on the hard drive. The computer performance monitor is a graphical desktop widget that places four system monitoring graphs on a desktop. Install free hardware monitoring tool and it will allow you to monitor disk, CPU, RAM, and network usage. It’s the best Windows 10 RAM usage monitor.

As an activity monitor windows 10, it provides details in the graph shown in different colors making it easier for the user to know which component is getting more warmed up. Free performance monitor support Windows 10, 7, Vista. As a portable and free tool to monitor system hardware on Windows operating system performance monitor is the best tool.

Features include

  • System tray software
  • Graph Generator
  • Monitor CPU, RAM, disk, and network usage
  • Real-time readings, monitor system hardware


Free Windows

With a Rainmeter system monitor Windows 10, 7 you can check system hardware with style. It’s a free attractive monitoring program. Rainmeter is a custom desktop monitor which comes with beautiful skins/themes. The free Rainmeter tool displays small gadgets on the desktop which help the users to monitor CPU, GPU, RAM, hard drive specs, and upload and download speed.

This hardware monitoring tool is also available in a portable version that doesn’t require installation. To Monitor System Hardware this temp monitoring tool comes in different skins, users can also download the best Rainmeter skins from the community of Rainmeter fans. As a Windows monitoring tool, Rainmeter supports Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista.

Features include

  • Can check CPU meter windows 10 usage, temperature, drive space, network activity, unread emails, the current weather.
  • Uses many third-party DLLs
  • Monitor System Hardware and supports both 32- and 64-bit Windows version
  • System tray software
  • Small in size
  • Personalize window by adding more widget


Free Windows

Now get system information windows 10 with HWiNFO 64. It’s a freeware tool. It can monitor CPU temps of all cores. If your computer has multiple core processor it can read all cores. HWiNFO monitor system hardware such as graphics card, BIOS, RAM, system cache, drives, and many more. It shows a system summary on a single screen. Among other CPU temp monitors, HWiNFO also allows you to check computer specs on Windows PC. The HWiNFO is available in HWiNFO64 and HWiNFO32 both versions support Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP. It’s free of error windows friendly PC monitoring tool.

Features include

Monitor Usb Activity

How To Monitor Usb Activity For Free

  • Reliable system diagnose tool
  • Both HWINFO 32 & 64 are available in a portable version
  • Can copy or save data in CSV, XML, HTML, XHTML format
  • System tray software
  • Uses low CPU and RAM
  • Benchmark tool

PC Wizard

Free Windows

PC Wizard id the best CPU monitor windows 10 andbenchmark tool for system’s hardware, PC Wizard can detect not only hardware but other system information as well. As informative gadget-free PC Wizard is easy to use, it does not put extra strain on the hardware. Once PC Wizard launched it takes some time to detect all the hardware installed on PC.

PC wizard 2015 displays CPU and GPU temperature along with other details regarding the mainboard, processor, video, I/O ports, drives, printers, devices, multimedia, network, power status, voltage, temperature, fans, power supply monitoring. PC Wizard 2015 can be installed on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

Features include

  • Benchmark tool can test Windows to obtain an overall performance.
  • Can export report any to an XML or HTML file
  • System tray software, monitor system hardware
  • Complete system analyzer.
  • It can compare PC performance with well-known models.
  • Passwords recovery support


Free Windows

HWMonitor is the best PC monitoring tool for Windows PC. It keeps tracks of vital computer statistics so that you can prevent computer overheating. This CPU monitoring software can display accurate readings regarding temperatures, voltages, and the fan speed of PC. In other words, HWMonitor gives full control over the PC’s power stats and monitor system hardware accurately. The best thing about this computer temperature monitor Windows 10 is that it gives an instant overview of PC’s vital power and heat stats. This system hardware monitor is very light, free to download, and error-free. As GPU monitors windows 10, HWMonitor is also the best tool, because it shows GPU temperature range.

Once installed CPUID HWMonitor displays all data in one clear chart in three main categories. It uses ITE IT87 and SMART sensors which all modern computers have on their motherboard and provides system information. It’s Pro version is made for professionals which provide some extra features like superior logging capabilities and graphing. But it’s basic version is also good for all average PC users. HWMonitor 1.34 can be installed on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP.

Monitor Usb Port Activity

Features include

  • Monitor CPU temps, voltage, power consumption, and utilization.
  • Mainboard voltages, temperatures, fans speed.
  • GPU voltage, temperature, utilization.
  • HDD temperature.
  • Available for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit version.

Sisoft Sandra

Free Windows

Monitor Usb Activity

SiSoftware Sandra is a reliable resource monitor windows 10. It’s an advanced system hardware monitor windows 10. It carries out many functions on PC such as benchmarking, analyzing, and listing the hardware or software components. This system hardware analyzer has a simple interface with colorful icons for it’s each tool. The Free lite version of Sisoft Sandra provides more features like wireless networking benchmarks,13 hardware, and 14 software information modules.

This Windows 10 resource monitordoesn’t hang or crash PC nor it puts a strain of computer memory. Sandra Pro version is also available in the 32 & 64-bit windows version. SiSoftware Sandra, it’s lite and pro version supports all Windows operating system like Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP.

Features include

  • CPU temperature, core voltage, minimum and maximum voltage, cache details.
  • Hardware data, processors, memory, graphics, storage adapters.
  • Software application shows file type, fonts, media devices, operating system, memory usage.
  • System diagnosing and benchmarking tool.
  • Monitor system hardware
  • Information in four categories such as tools, benchmarks, hardware, and software.

Core Temp

Free Windows

Dell Monitor Usb

As its name suggests core temp gadget is a PC temperature monitor that provides readings on voltage and temp of individual cores of processors. It also shows a load of each core so that you can see how CPU temp changes with load. As a CPU temp monitor core temp is one of the best software which is free, easy to use, and mainly built for beginners. In case computer hardware shows the sign of overheating then download ALCPU Core Temp. It provides live real temp which is accurate.

OrangeOSX Skin Pack is an application to transform Windows 7 to Mac OSX Orange. Provides your Windows 7 PC with. Taskbar in Apple MAC. Changes default Windows DLLs to. Mac skin pack for windows 7. Mac OS X Lion Skin Pack 10.7. Apple released the final version of the hugely awaited Mac OS X Lion 10.7 and it comes with more than 250 new features including considerable changes to the look and feel of the operating system. Mac OS Snow Leopard Windows 7 theme is available in Basic, Normal & Glass Style and is compatible with 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7 OS. Mac OS X Yosmite Skin Pack for Windows 8 and Windows 7 (Download) Update - this Apple OS X.

Core temp uses TJ Max value to determine CPU temperature telling you what is the good CPU temp which you should have. Its interface is very simple only shows relevant information. A reliable free, small size tool which does not cause Windows to hang, crash, or pop up error messages. Core temp supports Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 bit), Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows Vista (64 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8, Windows 10.

Features include

  • Support Intel and AMD processors.
  • CPU temperature monitor, Checks maximum/ minimum, and normal CPU temperature.
  • Collects information through digital thermal sensors.
  • Many add-ons are available for Core Temp to add more features.
  • Have an alert system can shut down the procedure in case PC overheats.
  • Monitor system hardware

Portable Computer Monitor

These are the best tools to monitor system hardware on Windows PC. Some of these programs can’t control PC fan speed yet they display accurate reading about thermal status. So, if you want to know what is the best fan control software then click on that link.