Paccar 2018 485 Motor Manual

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  • 485 1,650 @ 1,000 455 MT 1,650/1,850 @. The PACCAR MX-13 engine provides trucks owners up to a 400 lb weight savings compared to a 15L engine. 11/1/2018 10:17.
  • Paccar News Releases. PACCAR Announces Regular Quarterly Cash Dividend and Extra Cash Dividend; PACCAR Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary of Engine Manufacturing in North America; Kenworth and Peterbilt Zero Emissions Trucks Summit 14,115-Foot Pikes Peak.
  • PACCAR Steer Axle Operator's Manual 2018. PACCAR Steer Axle Operator's Manual 2018. PACCAR PX-7 Engine Sales Sheet. PACCAR PX-7 Engine.

Hi iam a workshop foreman with DAF in the UK We have been servicing, repairing and overhauling DAF MX engines since 2006. The spec engine you have is alot more reliable than the early 2006-2009 european MX.We have had camshafts, turbos, emmission/ adblue faults, compressors, oil modules, oil consumption, cam followers and oil pressure faults regularly. PACCAR MX-13 Operation and Maintenance Manual PDF Download This manual may contain attachments and optional equipment that are not available in your area. Please consult your local distributor for those items you may require.

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Kenworth Brand History

Kenworth is a trademark of a car manufacturing company specializing in the production of medium and heavy trucks, truck tractors, truck chassis and dump trucks.

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Kenworth companies are located in the USA, Canada, Australia and Mexico, are subsidiaries of Paccar Inc., a multinational corporation.

Kenworth is currently equipping its tractors, loading platforms and chassis with Paccar Inc. diesel engines. Fallout 2 rubber boots klamath.

Engines and attachments are manufactured in factories in the cities of Columbus (USA) and Eindhoven (Netherlands).

Like many other truck manufacturers in the United States, Kenworth installs Cummins corporations of varying power and equipment on their models of trucks and loading platforms.


Since 2017, Kenworth has been offering models T680 and T880 (MX-11 and MX-13 engines) with an updated Predictive Cruise Control system that works with GPS satellites, which allows the driver to save fuel on difficult sections of the route, as the computer chooses optimal operation of the power unit, depending on the terrain and weather conditions. Kenworth engineers are confident that this system will increase driving safety, reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere and will enable the driver to save fuel.

Paccar 2018 485 Motor Manual Transmission

Transmission, as a rule, the company EATON or Allison, chassis: “Meritor”, DANA or “Fabco”.

Paccar 2018 485 Motor Manuals

From 2016, the Powertrain power unit with dual driving tandem (driving axles) of its own production, “40K tandem axle”, is installed on the serial models of long-haul trucks and dump trucks.

Convenient and affordable layout “Kenworth” allows an experienced driver, with minimal cost to repair or replace the failed components and assemblies. For self-repair, you must have “inch” keys, which can be found in the “American” service centers or plumbing stores. However, a simple adjustable wrench is also suitable for changing wheels. Wheels, of course, the American standard.

Since the American power system has a 12-volt power supply system, in order to attach a “European type” semi-trailer, a voltage converter (inverter) is installed from 12 to 24 V.

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Model lineup

ModelTruck classType
Kenworth T-170Class 6Cargo platform, Chassis
Kenworth T-270Class 6
Kenworth T-370Class 7
Kenworth K-270Class 6
Kenworth K-370Class 7
Kenworth T-440Class 8Tractors and dump trucks, chassis
Kenworth T-470Class 8
Kenworth T-680Class 8Tractors
Kenworth T-800Class 8Tractors and dump trucks, chassis
Kenworth T-880Class 8Tractors and dump trucks, chassis
Kenworth W-900Class 8tractors, Chassis
Kenworth C-500Class 8High-passable tractors, chassis 6Х6, 8Х8