Phillips Bicycles Serial Numbers

The best chance at recovering a stolen bicycle is having a registered serial number. These numbers are used by police across the nation.

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Phillips Bicycles Serial Numbers
  • Since used-bikes typically sell below their asking price, our analysis tracks actual sale prices to determine Private Party Value. Real-time Algorithm Our algorithm considers a bike's age, brand, type, frame material, suspension, condition, components, wheel size, modifications, manufacturer and retailer discounting and the depreciation that.
  • Hercules philips - If you are looking for a cycle to work then this is best cycle for you with 28 inch size wheels and comes with 2 colours such as black and green. Phillips bicycle is built with Dura tuff steel to deliver greater strength and this is popular among customer who are seeking in a bicycle for work.

TR5 models did not have separate number series but ran concurrently with all other models. 112671 was last ’49 TR5 and I1 3386 the last ’49 5T. Note: All Grand Prix T-1 00’s have letter ‘R” suffix following engine and frame numbers. TR5 models had separate number series; engines from 101001 to 106424, frames from TC11001-T to. A “G” serial number may have been built into a bike in 1973, but the frame may have been built in. Phillips Cycles Ltd. Was a British bicycle manufacturer based in Smethwick near Birmingham, England.Its history began early in the 20th century and ended in the 1980s by which time it had become part of Raleigh Industries, itself a part of the Tube Investments group. For a number of years, the company was the second-largest bicycle producer in Britain, after Raleigh.

Bicycle Serial Number Decoder

Where to Find It

The majority of serial numbers are located under the bottom bracket where the two pedal cranks meet. Turn your bike upside down and record the number.

If there is no serial number near the cranks, you should check other common places including the front headset or rear stays. The diagram (below) indicates five of the most common serial number locations.

Phillips Bicycle Serial Numbers

How to Register without a Serial Number

Imvu download and install free. If you can’t find a serial number, you can still register your bicycle with DPS. To do so, bring the bicycle to the station, located in Parking Structure A (PSA). We can provide you with tools to engrave your driver’s license number on your frame. We’ll use this as alternate identification to the manufacturer’s serial number.