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  • 1Version 1.5
    • 1.7Version 1.5.39
    • 1.8Version 1.5.23
    • 1.9Version 1.5.16
    • 1.10Version 1.5
  • 2Version 1.4
  • 3Version 1.3
  • 4Version 1.2
  • 5Version 1.1
    • 5.2Version

This page lists all patches released for the Special Edition. Upgrading Skyrim to the latest patch is usually recommended, as many bugs and glitches are often fixed by the patches. You can find out about your version in the lower left corner of the 'System' screen (Esc on PC, Start then selecting 'System' on console). Extra details on specific platforms can be found on the related pages: PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Please note that having a designated patch installed will not guarantee that the issue it was supposed to fix will be fixed upon entering game. In some cases after a patch has been installed, players have noted that their previous save files have become unplayable, glitchy, and/or have other issues. As such, it may be necessary to start a new game file to have all issues resolved.

It was checked for updates 314 times by the users of our client application UpdateStar during the last month. The latest version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is 1.9.32, released on. It was initially added to our database on. The most prevalent version is 1.9.32, which is used by 60% of all installations. DESCRIPTION CHECK UPDATE SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS SCREENSHOT TRAILER NFO Winner of more than 200 Game of the Year Awards, Skyrim Special Edition brings the epic fantasy to life in stunning detail. The Special Edition includes the critically acclaimed game and add-ons with all-new features like remastered art and effects, volumetric god.

Version 1.5

Version 1.5.97

Version 1.5.97 was released as an update for Steam, PS4 and Xbox One on 21 November 2019.

  • Support for new CC content was added.
  • Wolves will now howl properly when idle.
  • Additional art resources centering around content for Shivering Isles has been included with the base game as modders' resources.
Please update to the latest version of skyrim
Added Files

Changes to Update.esm:

  • 5 new flora (all unused):
    • ccBGS_RootScreamingMaw [FLOR:0100306A]
    • ccBGS_RootScreamingMawActivator 'Screaming Maw' [ACTI:01003090]
    • ccBGS_FlameStalk01 [FLOR:01003089]
    • ccBGS_FlameStalkActivator01 'Flame Stalk' [ACTI:0100308E]
    • ccBGS_FlameStalk02 [FLOR:0100308A]
    • ccBGS_FlameStalkActivator02 'Flame Stalk' [ACTI:0100308D]
    • ccBGS_RootThornHook [FLOR:0100306C]
    • ccBGS_RootThornHookActivator 'Thorn Hook' [ACTI:0100308F]
    • ccBGS_RootRotScale [FLOR:0100306B]
    • ccBGS_RootRotScaleActivator 'Rot Scale' [ACTI:0100308C]
  • 3 new alchemy ingredients (all unused):
    • ccBGS_RootScreamingMawIngredient 'Screaming Maw' [INGR:0100306E]
      • Value: 20, Weight: 0.1, Effect Strength: 36
      • Effects: Regenerate Magicka, Fortify Alteration, Invisibility, Regenerate Health
    • ccBGS_RootThornHookIngredient 'Thorn Hook' [INGR:0100306F]
      • Value: 20, Weight: 0.1, Effect Strength: 67
      • Effects: Lingering Damage Health, Paralysis, Regenerate Magicka, Regenerate Health
    • ccBGS_RootRotScaleIngredient 'Rot Scale' [INGR:0100306D]
      • Value: 20, Weight: 0.1, Effect Strength: 100
      • Effects: Slow, Lingering Damage Health, Fear, Paralysis
    • No ingredients for the two Flame Stalks, even though they both have their activate text as 'Harvest'
  • 28 new statics (all unused):
    • ccBGS_FireStalkBud [STAT:01003076]
    • ccBGS_GiantRoot01-04 [STAT:01003085-88]
    • ccBGS_RootCluster01-02 [STAT:01003091-92]
    • ccBGS_RootClusterLarge01-02 [STAT:010030A4-A5]
    • ccBGS_RootHall2way [STAT:01003075]
    • ccBGS_RootHall3way [STAT:01003070]
    • ccBGS_RootHall4way [STAT:01003071]
    • ccBGS_RootHallEndcap [STAT:01003072]
    • ccBGS_RootHallRamp01 [STAT:01003073]
    • ccBGS_RootHallShift01-02 [STAT:01003083-84]
    • ccBGS_RootHallTurn [STAT:01003074]
    • ccBGS_RootMoundRound01 [STAT:01003077]
    • ccBGS_RootWeeds01 [STAT:01003078]
    • ccBGS_ThinMushroomTree01-06 [STAT:01003082,7A-7E]
    • ccBGS_ThinMushroomTreeCluster01-03 [STAT:0100307F-81]
  • 7 new keywords (all used with updated dialogues):
    • ccBGS_ActorTypeCustomPetResponse01_Stay [KYWD:01003093]
    • ccBGS_ActorTypeCustomPetResponse02_Wait [KYWD:01003094]
    • ccBGS_ActorTypeCustomPetResponse03_GoHome [KYWD:01003095]
    • ccBGS_ActorTypeCustomPetResponse04_Trade [KYWD:01003096]
    • ccBGS_ActorTypeCustomPetResponse05_FollowfromDismissed [KYWD:01003097]
    • ccBGS_ActorTypeCustomPetResponse06_Wait [KYWD:01003098]
    • ccBGS_ActorTypeCustomPetResponse07_FollowfromWait [KYWD:01003099]
  • 1 new container:
    • ccBGS_RootHollowedStump 'Hollowed Stump' [CONT:01003079] (empty, unused)
  • 1 new door:
    • SDoorManholeCoverInvisible 'Entrance' [DOOR:0100308B] (unused)
  • Updated dialogue:
    • [INFO:01002F02] ('(whine)' in GRUP Topic Children of PetFramework_BranchDismiss_HoldTopic [DIAL:01002F00])
    • [INFO:01002F0E] ('(whine)' in GRUP Topic Children of PetFramework_BranchDismiss_HomeTopic [DIAL:01002EFF])
    • [INFO:01002F04] ('(grumble)' in GRUP Topic Children of PetFramework_BranchHomeCurrLocTopic [DIAL:01002EEB])
    • [INFO:01002F06] ('(squeal)' in GRUP Topic Children of PetFramework_BranchRecruitTopic [DIAL:01002F01])
    • [INFO:01002F0A] ('(squeal)' in GRUP Topic Children of PetFramework_BranchWaitResumeTopic [DIAL:01002EEA])
    • [INFO:01002F0B] ('(grumble)' in GRUP Topic Children of PetFramework_BranchWaitTopic [DIAL:01002EED])
    • [INFO:01002F09] ('(grumble)' in GRUP Topic Children of PetFramework_InventoryTopic [DIAL:01002EEC])
      • Added Subject.HasKeyword(one of the new CustomPetResponses)=0 conditions
      • Bug: the edit to [INFO:01002F0E] conflicts with a pre-existing (and unchanged) override in HearthFires.esm
  • Interior cell changes:
    • ccPlaceholder04Interior01 'Creation Club Cell' [CELL:01002FD2]
      • Added a door [REFR:0100309F] (places AutoLoadDoor01 'Passage' [DOOR:00031897]) (to Tamriel)
      • Removed old door [REFR:01002FDF] (places CreationClubPlaceHolderDoor 'Door' [DOOR:01002F3B])
      • Rearranged some statics
    • CTest 'Quick Test Cell' [CELL:000B1783]
      • Added a door [REFR:01003056] (places WRDragonDoor01 'Door' [DOOR:000252C7]) (to Solitude)
      • Also [REFR:01003066] (places WRDragonDoor01 'Door' [DOOR:000252C7]) (to Tamriel)
  • SolitudeWorld worldspace changes:
    • Added door ccBGSSSE025_DungeonEntrance [REFR:01003057] (places CreationClubPlaceHolderDoor 'Door' [DOOR:01002F3B] in GRUP Cell Persistent Children of [CELL:00037EE6] at -16,25) (to CTest)
    • Lots of ITMs
  • Tamriel worldspace changes:
    • [CELL:00000D74]
      • Added door [REFR:0100309C] (places AutoLoadDoor01 'Passage' [DOOR:00031897] at 44,-32) (to Placeholder04)
      • Added door EEJSSE004_WaririorDoor [REFR:01003058] (places CreationClubPlaceHolderDoor 'Door' [DOOR:01002F3B] at -20,-8) (to CTest)
    • Added ccBGSSSE040_NavCutVolume [REFR:0100309E] (places CollisionMarker [STAT:00000021] in GRUP Cell Temporary Children of [CELL:0000BDC9] at 44,-31)
    • Added ccBGSSSE040_EntranceBlocker [REFR:0100309D] (places RockCliff04 [STAT:00029D98] in GRUP Cell Temporary Children of [CELL:0000BDCA] at 44,-32)
    • Added other miscellaneous statics and trees
  • Changes to HearthFires.esm:
    • Updated player dialogue lines relating to Hendraheim mod (added FULLs to existing forms):
      • BYOHRelationshipAdoptable_ProposeCCHouse05 'Yes, Hendraheim.' [DIAL:03000894]
      • PetFramework_SendPetCCHouse05 'Hendraheim' [DIAL:03000856]
      • RelationshipAdoptableOrphanage_Q5_CCHouse05 'At Hendraheim.' [DIAL:03000B70]
      • RelationshipAdoption_MoveToCCHouse05 'Hendraheim.' [DIAL:030009A5]
      • RelationshipMarriageFINCCHouseTopic05 'Hendraheim.' [DIAL:03000B52]
      • RelationshipMarriageWeddingCCHouseTopic05 'We could live in Hendraheim.' [DIAL:03000C42]
    • Updated player dialogue lines relating to the Dead Man's Dread mod (added FULLs to existing forms):
      • BYOHRelationshipAdoptable_ProposeCCHouse08 'Yes, Dead Man's Dread.' [DIAL:0300086F]
      • PetFramework_SendPetCCHouse08 'Dead Man's Dread' [DIAL:03000853]
      • RelationshipAdoptableOrphanage_Q5_CCHouse08 'At Dead Man's Dread.' [DIAL:03000B6D]
      • RelationshipAdoption_MoveToCCHouse08 'Dead Man's Dread.' [DIAL:0300096D]
      • RelationshipMarriageFINCCHouseTopic08 'Dead Man's Dread.' [DIAL:03000B4C]
      • RelationshipMarriageWeddingCCHouseTopic08 'We could live in Dead Man's Dread.' [DIAL:03000BD8]
  • Additions to Skyrim.ccc:
    • ccBGSSSE020-GrayCowl.esl
    • ccBGSSSE031-AdvCyrus.esm
    • ccBGSSSE040-AdvObGobs.esl
    • ccBGSSSE025-AdvDSGS.esm
    • ccEEJSSE004-Hall.esl
  • File changes:
    • Horse animations (meshesactorshorseanimations) added in 1.5.80 have been removed
    • Added meshesactorscaninebehaviors
    • Added meshesarchitecturesolitudesewerentrancecollision01.nif
    • Added meshesclutteringredientsmothwing02monarch.nif
    • Added 37 meshes under meshescreationclub_shared, including some 'plantactivatorbehavior' HKTs
    • Added 38 textures under texturescreationclub_shared
    • Decreased the file sizes of textureseffectsprojected{diffuse,normal,normaldetail}.dds again


Version was released as an update for Steam, PS4 and Xbox One on 13 June 2019.

  • Backend changes to support new Creation Club content.
  • Fixed an issue with specular lighting on skin.
Undocumented Changes


Version was released as an update for Steam, PS4 and Xbox One on 13 March 2019.

  • Small backend changes for PC, XB1, and PS4.
  • Thieves Guild Hood will no longer disappear if player is a vampire (second instance on the variant record).
  • Vegetable Soup and Venison Stew now properly restore health.
  • Fixed a lighting error on the doors of Solitude (best seen on the door to Blue Palace).
  • Removed an extraneous floor piece from Folgunthur.
Added Files

Changes to Update.esm:

  • Fix to ThievesGuildVariantHelmetAA [ARMA:000E35CE] adding vampire race support (mirrors the Unofficial Patch except it doesn't include ElderRaceVampire)
  • Change to FoodRestoreHealthDuration 'Restore Health' [MGEF:001058A2] from a health regen to healing (mirrors the Unofficial Patch; affects Horker Stew, Venison Stew, Vegetable Soup, Juniper Berry Crostata, Chicken Dumpling)
  • Deleted [REFR:002A6D2E] (NorTmpHallBg1wayS01 [STAT:0001B1B6] in 'Folgunthur Crypt' [CELL:000AB531]) a floor piece that was placed near the ceiling, and will be mostly invisible to the player.
  • Moved SolitudeExteriorGuardMarker5 [REFR:0002A2C0] (PatrolIdleMarker [IDLM:000140BD] in [CELL:00000D74] at -18,24) (also moved by the Unofficial Patch)
  • Added and moved various terrain statics in a few Tamriel exterior cells
  • Added MUSCombatBossUmbra [MUSC:0100301E] with one track MUSCombatBossUmbra01 [MUST:0100301D] (dataMusicBGSSSE016_MUS_Combat_Boss_01.wav)
  • Added placeholder list ccBGSSSE003_LCharUndeadList [LVLN:01003024] containing only a rabbit
  • Added placeholder NPC ccBGSSSE003_LvlBoneWolfZombie [NPC_:01003025] templated from LCharUndeadList (18 placed references, mostly in pairs, Enable Parent-ed to a disabled marker)
  • Added empty list cc_ShiveringIsleIngredients [LVLI:01002FDA]
  • Added 1 placeholder cell for unreleased ccEEJSSE004

Additions to Skyrim.ccc, 10 placeholder cells for unnamed future CC locations:

  • ccBGSSSE016-Umbra.esm
  • ccBGSSSE031-AdvCyrus.esl
  • ccBGSSSE050-BA_Daedric.esl
  • ccBGSSSE052-BA_Iron.esl
  • ccBGSSSE054-BA_Orcish.esl
  • ccBGSSSE058-BA_Steel.esl
  • ccBGSSSE059-BA_Dragonplate.esl
  • ccBGSSSE061-BA_Dwarven.esl
  • ccPEWSSE002-ArmsOfChaos.esl
  • ccBGSSSE041-NetchLeather.esl
  • ccEDHSSE002-SplKntSet.esl
  • ccBGSSSE064-BA_Elven.esl
  • ccBGSSSE063-BA_Ebony.esl
  • ccBGSSSE062-BA_DwarvenMail.esl
  • ccBGSSSE060-BA_Dragonscale.esl
  • ccBGSSSE056-BA_Silver.esl
  • ccBGSSSE055-BA_OrcishScaled.esl
  • ccBGSSSE053-BA_Leather.esl
  • ccBGSSSE051-BA_DaedricMail.esl
  • ccBGSSSE057-BA_Stalhrim.esl


  • Added meshesarchitecturesolitudesbluepalaceentrance.nif
  • Added meshesarchitecturesolitudedoorsshousedoor01.nif
  • Added musicbgssse016_mus_combat_boss_01.xwm
  • Reduced file size of,, for compression


Version was released as an update for Steam, PS4 and Xbox One on 5 December 2018.

  • Small backend changes for PC, XB1, and PS4.
  • Thieves Guild Hood will no longer disappear if player is a vampire.
  • Fixed specular with 'Mourner's Hat' and 'Hat' on male Argonians.
  • Fixed skinning and restored bridles on Imperial Saddle.


Genetec security center. Version was released as an update for Steam, PS4, and Xbox One on 3 October 2018.

  • Small backend changes for PC, XB1, and PS4.

Please Update To The Latest Version Of Skyrim Gthtdjl


Version was released as an update for Steam on 29 August 2018.[1]

  • We're releasing a patch today with some small backend changes for PC, XB1, and PS4.

Version 1.5.39

Version 1.5.39 was released as an update for Steam and PS4 on 3 April 2018.[2]

New Features

Skse Please Update To The Latest Version Of Skyrim

  • Support for additional player homes

Bug Fixes

Skyrim Se Latest Version

  • Minor bug fixes for
  • Updated script functions for new Creations
  • Wolves have regained the ability to howl

Version 1.5.23

Version 1.5.23 was released as a stealth update on 30 November 2017. No official changelog has been posted by Bethesda, but the update includes the following:

New Features

  • Official support for Xbox One X

Bug Fixes

  • Updated script functions to support new Creations
  • Removed Report button from Mods (Users should report Mods on

Version 1.5.16

Version 1.5.16 was released as an update for Steam 7 November 2017.[3] It was released for Xbox One and PS4 on 9 November 2017.


  • Fixed issue with rate of critters respawning in world
  • Fixed crash related to changing profiles (Xbox One only)
  • Fixed issues with screenshots displaying incorrectly in Creation Club/Mods
  • Message of the Day heading revised
  • Changed logic for how Creation Club content is initialized
  • Minor bug fixes to

Version 1.5

Version 1.5 was released as an update for Steam, PS4 and Xbox One on 3 October 2017.[4]

New features

  • Message of the Day
  • Support for ESL file format
  • Mods - patch version numbers and notes added to Mod Details page


  • Minor fixes to functionality
  • Minor fixes to steam functionality

Version 1.4

Version 1.4 was released as a Steam update on 6 February 2017. The PS4 and Xbox One patches were released on February 9.[5]

New features

  • Added Featured category for mods
  • Added ability to sort Highest Rated and Most Favorited filters by today, week, month and all time
  • Added number of ratings count to Mods Browsing Menu
  • Added number of favorites count to Mod Details page
  • Added required dependencies to Mod Details page


  • General performance and stability improvements
  • Improvements to Reporting mods categories
  • Fixed occasional crashes while scrolling through Load Order menu
  • Improved error messaging

Version 1.3

Version 1.3 was released as a Steam update on 21 November 2016, and was later updated on December 13.[6][7] It was released on PS4 (as 1.05) on 10 January 2017.


  • General stability and performance improvements
  • Fixed an issue where Slow Time effects weren't behaving properly
  • Better support for 144hz displays
  • Fixed issue with being unable to log into

Version 1.2

Version 1.2 was released as a Steam update on 11 November 2016. It was released on PS4 (as 1.04) on 14 November. It was released on Xbox One on 16 November.


  • General stability and performance improvements
  • Fixed issue related to using alt-tab while playing the game (PC)
  • Fixed issue with water flow not rendering properly
  • Fixed crash related to changing from werewolf back to human form
  • Fixed crash related to reloading after changing Load Order of mods
  • General bug fixing and improvements with browsing Mods

Version 1.1

Version 1.03

Version 1.03 was released on PS4 and Xbox on 8 November 2016.


Version was released as a Steam update on 7 November 2016.


  • General performance and optimization improvements
  • Fixed rare issue with NPCs not appearing in proper locations
  • Fixed an issue with interface elements not appearing correctly on certain displays (Xbox One and PS4)
  • Fixed issue with saves erroneously being marked as Modded, even though no mods are active
  • Updated some sound files to not use compression


  • Patch — the notes for the patches to the original game, all of which are included by default in the Special Edition
  • Unofficial Skyrim Patch — an unofficial mod attempting to fix all the bugs not fixed by the official patches. Available on the PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.


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