Raynor Model 120 7 Manual

How to open the black box on the back of the raynor garage door opener, model 120-7, serial no. 49587 to locate my code to reprogram a univerdal remote. Read more Eric M.

  • Raynor Model 130-7 intermittent problem: 2: cwilly87908: on Tue Jun 21, 2011 7:28 pm by cwilly8 raynor model 130-7: 1: boo51564806: on Thu Apr 21, 2011 10:05 am by GDZone Raynor 170-7 works from wall switch, eyes clear with no blinking red lite and when reset it works once from transmitter, never from remote. 12: Tom in Ky9931: on Fri Apr 15.
  • If you need a Raynor garage door opener manual, check the list below for your model number. Follow this link if you need more information on Raynor garage door openers. For other manuals and user guides, return to our main garage door opener manual page.
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Raynor Model 120 7 Manual

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There are a few times when you may need to find the serial and/or model number for your garage door. Garage door manufacturers place stickers on the doors, often in more than one place with all the pertinent information like serial and model numbers about that particular door.

The stickers typically have the company name and logo on it. The stickers can be small or large.

Standing in your garage, facing the door (if it’s closed) look for the stickers on the interior surface of the door. Lagu sayang apa kabar denganmu disini ku merindukanmu. A common placement for the sticker is in the lower left-hand or right-hand corner.

Here’s a picture of a Clopay sticker with serial number on it, located on the lower left-hand corner.

Close-up of the Clopay sticker:

Here’s an example of a larger sticker in the middle right-hand side of the door.

Raynor Model 120 7 Manual

If you don’t see a sticker on the interior surface of the door, move to the side of the door and look up and down the height of the door for a narrow sticker. If your door is stuck in an open position, it may be harder to inspect this area.

Here’s a sticker on the side of the top panel of the door. You can see the Model Number 4050 on it (top row).

Raynor Garage Door Model 120-7 Manual

Garage door consists of panels. You may see a sticker on each panel of your garage door.


Sometimes the stickers are peeled or ripped or torn off (picture below). If you don’t see a sticker or have a hard time finding the information give us a call 303.565.6409. Our technicians have installed thousands of doors and can help you with your garage door.

About the numbers:

Model number or (PID)

Model number specifies the model of the garage door you have, e.g. like in the photo above the Clopay door model number is 4050.

Serial Number

The serial number shows when your garage door was made, what batch of materials were used and other identifying information about your particular door.

If you have any questions at all, give us a call 303.565.6409 we are here to help you with your garage door.