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Who hasn't wanted to be a pilot for the Rebel Alliance? Although Rebel Assault and Rebel Assault 2 actually let you fly through various mission-based levels with different craft from the Star Wars universe, Rogue Squadron takes it a step further and loses the track-based gameplay, letting you completely immerse yourself in a 3D flying adventure.You can swoop, barrel-roll, loop, and bank with some ships, all the while shooting down enemy vehicles and protecting Rebel Alliance installations.

From Rogues to Riches

You start the game learning the basics by piloting an X-Wing fighter through a few training missions, but you'll soon gain access to four other ships, including theY-wing,the A-wing, the snowspeeder, and the experimental V-wing. Each vehicle is fitted with both a primary and an auxiliary weapon--and you'll need both in this high-flying, fast-shooting game. Taking the best part of Shadows of the Empire (the Hoth sequence where you face the AT-ATs), the developers at LucasArts have enhanced the flight model with true pitch, roll, and bank mechanics for each craft Because every ship is a uniquely designed vehicle, they have individualized machinery--some are faster, some have better shields, and so on.


Taking place between Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, Rogue Squadron sends you on different missions to far-reaching areas of the universe, most of which are known only by the most avid Star Wars fanatics (see sidebar, 'Follow the Bright Yellow Rogue'). But there are some more generally known areas, like Tatooine, Lukes home planet,and Corellia, birtfb place of both Han Soto and Dash Rendar.

You play as some familiar (and some not-so-familiar) Rebel leaders, like Dack (Luke Skywalker's backup snow-speeder pilot on Hoth) and Wedge Antilles (the only Rogue pilot other than Luke to survive all three films).You must help protect the Alliance from the forces of the galactic Empire, which is tightening its hold on the Rebels after the latter's stunning victory over the Death Star.

The Rogue Not Taken

Graphically, the game will dazzle you in the hi-resolution mode (which requires the N64 Expansipn Pak) with sleek ships, fairly fast flying action, and blazing battles and explosions. In the standard low-resolution mode, the game is still a fine-looking shooter, though the jagged edges of the ships and the terrain will eventually force you to spend some bucks on the Pak.

The game's even more impressive in the sound department. Using a proprietary sound compression system, LucasArts has found a way to squeeze over 80 minutes of audio (40 minutes of speech and 40 minutes of music) into the cart You'll hear the symphonic mastery of John Williams' classic score resonate throughout changing its tone and urgency as dictated by the action, also be privy to extensive cockpit chatter amongst the squadron, which heightens the realism of the game.

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (known as Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D on the PC) is an arcade-style action game co-developed by Factor 5 and LucasArts.Set in the fictional Star Wars galaxy and inspired by the Star Wars: X-wing Rogue Squadron comics, the game takes place primarily between events in the films Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. Sep 25, 2017 Download the free BlueStacks 4 player for PC and Mac systems to unlock a whole new world of combat abilities and firepower. BlueStacks 4 is a free app for your computer that gives you the ability to play any Android-powered video game or app on your computer without worrying about linking systems or finding yet another set of cables.

Two areas where the game is tempered are the control and speed.The controls, while intuitive for the most part have a definite learning curve. Handling the pitch and sway of a fighter is no easy task, and if your frustration threshold is low, you may find yourself going AWOL with the Rogue.The game's jittery speed is also apparent from the start Although not as fast as StarFox (which, in all fairness, was on rails for the most part), you could contend that if Rogue were any fester, the enemies would be harder to target.

Rebels Yell

Another area that would have made this game a five-star hero is the inclusion of a multiplayer game. It was included early on in development, but was removed to enable the development team to focus its creative energy solely on producing a great one-person shooting game.

And that's where Rogue Squadron sits--as one of the best games out there this year. It will challenge Zelda and Turok 2 for your money this holiday season--but if you're a fan of Star Wars, there's no replacement for Rogue Squadron.


  • It s useless being a hot dog and taking things head-on. Instead, study an enemy's arc of fire. Some turrets have a huge descending arc Get in under the fire and destroy them.
  • If you fly past an enemy and don't get a dear shot, pitch over, fly up, and come down on them.
  • Use the audio. Whenever you hear the lock-on warning beep, make a drastic move-pitch, roll, or turbo your Rebel-ass out of there.
  • Although ft takes a steady hand, lots of practice, and expert timing, don't forget that you can shoot down the missiles.


The graphics are crisp, clean, and detailed, but you'll only fully enjoy them with the N64 Expansion Pak--worth it by all means. Without it, the game suffers from draw-in, fog, and jaggies.


Once learned, the controls will seem like second nature, but there's a definite learning curve.Younger players and those with litde patience may find themselves gnashing their teeth.


With the best sound of any game on the N64, Rogue Squadron helps LucasArts dispel the myth that good sound is absent from this system. Strong music, good voices, hearty explosions--your ears will prick up likeYoda's.

Fun Factor

Star Wars fans will readily join the Squadron on their adventures this holiday season, and even casual flyers will enlist Rogue Squadron takes you to new heights in the Star Wars universe!

Overall rating: 6.5
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  1. Rogue


DOS - 1984

Also available on: Mac - Commodore 64 - Amiga - Amstrad CPC - Atari 8-bit - Atari ST

4.63 / 5 - 65 votes

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The only commercial release of dungeon-crawl classic Rogue, Epyx' version is 1.45, while Jon Lane's original release is 1.1. I'm not quite sure what the difference is/are between the two versions, except that Epyx probably tidied up the codes and tweaked play balance a little bit before the commercial release.

For those of you who've been living in caves for the past 25 years, or started your RPG adventuring with Diablo, here's my review of Jon Lane's Rogue, also on this site:

The 'granddaddy' of dungeon hack RPGs, Rogue has a long history that dates back to the 1970's. It was first released as a test application for UNIX, and quickly captured the imagination of popularity among system administrators and computer science students. It was such a popular 'test' that enterprising UNIX admins and users distributed it, expanded it, imitated it, and ported it to their home computers.

The game's original concept was unique and rich enough that decades later, it has an entire genre of computer games named after it, commonly called 'Roguelike Games', and today still attracts a loyal following and lively community and newsgroups.

What is so special about the game that it still attract gamers for over a decade? Many revolutionary features that have become the norm in today's RPGs. Rogue is an ASCII-interfaced (i.e. all text or text-character based), turn-based, single player dungeon crawl. Its attraction lies neither in plot nor puzzles (both of which are paper-thin.. you are a treasure hunter not unlike the Adventurer in Infocom's Zork), but in the seemingly endless combinations of features, a wide variety of monsters and loot, and randomly generated dungeon that guarantees infinite replayability.

In short, Rogue is to RPGs what Crowther's mainframe Adventure is to adventures: a revolutionary game that spawned a genre. It may not stand the test of time very well after all these years, but for those who want to get a sense of where today's blockbuster dungeon crawls the likes of Diablo descend from, Rogue is it. Two thumbs up!'

Review By HOTUD

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Jellz2020-10-260 point DOS version

The DOS version's IP has been picked up by Pixel Games UK and is no longer abandonware. It can now be purchased on Steam.
Why there isn't any GOG release is beyond me. According to the game's new publisher, they have been ignoring their e-mails regarding a GOG release.

NeveroddoreveN2020-02-20-2 points DOS version


I am using Windows 10 with DosBox installed, but I am getting a message that the game Rogue will not run on my computer. What do I have to do to make Rogue run..?

For the Newcommers2019-11-03-1 point DOS version

If you want to have the controls figured out for you, then someone already posted the manual on their website.
Archived version

Roggin2019-10-19-6 points

Nothing beats the aesthetics of Atari ST. Unfortunately..

Brian2019-09-19-2 points

First Rogue is classic. I played for hours back in the day.
I agree with JMECALL. Any time I get into double digit higher levels I starve to death. It's a great game but there's never enough food. I also hate having to guess what the potions do other than drinking them. I usually wind up drinking a blindness potion and stumbling around without a healing potion and get myself killed.
Other than a rare identify scroll to identify items, how does one figure out what the items do without using them?

jmekall2019-06-242 points

that was a yummy mango! problem I had getting through this game was FOOD! you end up running out as you go back u, and everything edible has been eaten. eventually I would keep passing out YOU CANNOT MOVE, YOU CAN MOVE AGAIN routine. it was exasperating.. note to anyone trying to tackle this game, save your food. beating monsters is easy, but getting back home with a full tummy is very difficult

dfortae2018-01-12-12 points DOS version

Rogue Squadron Games

I review Rogue here:

firemanickam2017-09-291 point DOS version

super game

Rogue Squadron Mac Download For Pc

Purple Squirrel2016-07-31-4 points

LOVE this game, but the in browser version has a script error every time I get to about level 14 and the download doesn't seem to work.

lizzard2016-07-073 points DOS version

grew up playing this thing. still love it, it's one of those games that never gets old, even if the graphics are as primitive as you can get :)

Stone Magnet2015-12-22-6 points

The very first roguelike! Check out Cataclysm DDA if you are into this genre. It's free and constantly in development.

Yamaha 15hp electric start. 0gre2015-12-01-3 points

I highly recommend lovers of this game to check out Stone Soup.
You can download it or even play a version in your browser.

WesClayton2013-05-260 point DOS version

I could play this for hours XD 10/10

A Wise Old Man2013-02-214 points DOS version

15 years? Try damn near 40!

Geo2012-02-171 point DOS version

The title screen says 1885. I fondly remember many Epyx games :)

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DOS Version

Mac Version

  • Year:1985
  • Publisher:Epyx, Inc.
  • Developer:Artificial Intelligence Design

Commodore 64 Version

  • Year:1988
  • Publisher:Mastertronic Ltd.

Amiga ROM

  • Year:1986
  • Publisher:Epyx, Inc.
  • Developer:Artificial Intelligence Design

Amstrad CPC Version

  • Year:1988
  • Publisher:Mastertronic Ltd.

Atari 8-bit ROM

  • Year:1988
  • Publisher:Mastertronic Ltd.

Atari ST ROM

  • Year:1986
  • Publisher:Epyx, Inc.
  • Developer:A.I. Design

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