Sabroe Smc 116 Manual

Description for compressors SMC 186-188, TSMC 188

The SMC 180 and TSMC 180 compressors have 180 mm diameter pistons, as indicated by the first digits in the type designation and with a stroke length of 140 mm. The number of cylinders in the compressor block is indicated by the following digit, where, for example, SMC 188 is an 8-cylinder compressor. SMC 180 is a one-stage compressor which compresses the gas in one single stage.
In the TSMC 188 two-stage compressor, the gas is compressed in two stages at a ratio of 1:3 between the number of high- and lowpressure cylinders. Thus, a TSMC 188 has 2 high-pressure cylinders and 6 low-pressure cylinders.
The type can be determined by the nameplate, located on the end face of the compressor, facing away from the coupling/belt drive. The following illustration shows a SABROE name-plate.

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Sabroe products are recognised and respected throughout the world for their build quality, long-term operating reliability and cost-effectiveness. Last but not least, the unique combination of Sabroe (York)’s consistent focus on low life cycle costs and world-leading expertise in the use of naturally occurring refrigerants has made Sabroe a. Service Manual SAB 128R and SAB 163R Mk4 0173-529-EN 2-2 Identification of Sabroe Refrigeration Equipment All Sabroe Refrigeration equipment can be identified by one or several name plates placed as illustrated in the following drawings: Fig. 2.1 Rotatune Screw compressor unit, location of name plates 4840-433-2-1 Compressor name plate. Service Manual SAB 128R and SAB 163R Mk4 0173-529-EN 2-2 Identification of Sabroe Refrigeration Equipment All Sabroe Refrigeration equipment can be identified by one or several name plates placed as illustrated in the following drawings: Fig. 2.1 Rotatune Screw compressor unit, location of name plates 4840-433-2-1 Compressor name plate.


Sabroe Smc 116 Manual Transmission

Spare parts for SMC 186-188, TSMC 188

Spare parts for SMC 186 - 188 & TSMC 188
Relevant drawings SMC:0661-606-0661-608
Relevant drawings TSMC:0661-607-0661-608
Pos.DesignationWeightNumber each compressorPart no.
each in kgSMC 186SMC 188TSMC 188
Compressor frame
1A-1Frame SMC 18613111-072
1A-2Frame SMC 18813111-073
1A-3Frame TSMC 18813111-074
1B-1Oil sight glass0,2301111226-015
1C-1O-ring 52,07 x 2,620,0021111331-140
1D-1Hexagon screw M6 x 18 - 8,8 DIN 9330,0104441424-148
Top cover - air cooled
2A-1Top cover2323113-150
2A-2Top cover with flange for valve1123113-149
2C-1Gasket for top cover0,1253442353-222
2E-1Hexagon head screw M20 x 130 - 8,8 DIN 9310,3604662601424-122
2F-1Hexagon head screw M20 x 190 - 8,8 DIN 9310,5102241424-128
2G-1Washer 37/21 x 30,0204864641436-077
Top cover - water cooled
2A-1Top cover2323113-150
2A-2Top cover with flange for valve1123113-149
2B-1Water cover3443113-151
2C-1Gasket for top cover0,1253442353-222
2D-1Gasket for water cover0,2103442353-157
2E-1Hexagon head screw M20 x 1300,3604641424-122
2E-2Hexagon head screw M20 x 160 - 8,8 DIN 9310,4004256561424-125
2F-1Hexagon head screw M20 x 190 - 8,8 DIN 9310,5102241424-128
2G-1Washer 37/21 x 30,0204864641436-077
2H-1Hexagon head screw M12 x 50 - 8,8 DIN 9330,0502128281424-219
2J-1Washer dia. 24/13x2,50,0082128281434-036
Side cover - water cooled
3A-2Side cover with cooling fins2223113-153
3B-1Water cover2223113-151
3C-1Gasket for side cover0,1252222353-156
3D-1Gasket for water cover0,2102222353-157
3E-2Hexagon head screw M20 x 80 - 8,8 DIN 9330,2402828281424-293
3E-1Hexagon head screw M20 x 50 - 8,8 DIN 9334441424-287
3G-1Washer dia. 37/21 x 30,0203232321436-077
3H-1Hexagon head screw M12 x 50 - 8,8 DIN 9330,0506661424-219
3J-1Washer dia. 24/13x2,50,0806661436-036
End cover at pump end
4A-1End cover at pump end1113113-155
4B-1Gasket for end cover0,1351112353-158
4C-1Hexagon head cover M20 x 140 - 8,8 DIN 9310,3601414141424-123
4D-1Washer dia. 37/21 x 30,0201414141436-077
Bearing cover at pump
5A-1Bearing cover at pump1113113-033
5B-1Hexagon head screw M20 x 40 - 8,8 DIN 9330,1206661424-285
5C-1Bushing with collar4,2801112132-023
5C-2Bushing for repair (1,0 mm undersize)4,2801112132-024
5D-1Gasket for bearing cover 0,25 mm0,0152353-016
5D-2Gasket for bearing cover 0,50 mm0,0182353-017
5D-3Gasket for bearing cover 0,75 mm0,0212353-018
5E-1Spring dowel sleeve dia. 8x16 - DIN 14810,0301111446-009
Bearing cover at shaft seal end
6A-1Bearing cover1113113-152
6B-1Hexagon head screw M20 x 100 - 8,8 DIN0,3401414141424-119
6C-1Bushing with collar4,2801112132-023
6C-2Bushing for repair (1,0 mm undersize)4,2802222132-024
6E-1Washer dia. 37/21 x 30,0201414141436-077
6F-1Spring dowel sleeve dia. 8x16- DIN 14810,0301111446-009
6GValve for prelubrication1112412-585
6JSpecial joint1112334-027
6LJoint 3/8'1111349-053
6MAlu gasket1112356-123
Shaft seal cover
8A-1Shaft seal cover1113113-154
8C-1Hexagon head M14 x 400,0228881424-241
8D-1Hose connection 1/4'0,0031111345-143
8E-1Plastic hose 3/16' x 400 mm0,0011111241-190
8FCylindrical pin dia. 3x120,0011111445-054
Shaft seal
10Shaft seal complete6,3701113126-138
10A-1Slide ring (special carbon)0,4521113126-135
10B-1Sealing ring Variseal M dia. 146,10,0101111331-522
10C-1O-ring dia, 151,99x3,530,0061111331-099
10D-1Slide ring (cast iron)3,3851113126-136
10E-1O-ring dia. 129,5x70,0301112353-177
10H-1Cone ring1,9251113126-137
10J-1Special screw0,0243331413-001
10K-1Spiroloxring RS 500 dia. 1270,0341111437-298
10L-1Nut M80,0043331432-063
10M-1Lock washer dia. 15/8,4 x 0,80,0023331437-054
Oil pump
11-1Oil pump, complete10,801113141-130
11C-1Gasket for cover 0,2 mm0,0011112353-022
11D-1Heaxagon head screw M10 x 40 - 8,8 DIN 9330,0304441424-194
HE-1Spring washer dia. 17/10 x 2,2 - DIN 1270,0028881437-080
11F-1Cylindrical pin dia. 6 x 360,0402221445-061
11G-1Pump gear wheel1,0801113141-044
11H-1Pump gear wheel1,2601113141-045
11J-1Key 6x6x150,0051111526-051
11K-1Threaded nipple 12x1 1/8'0,4182222311-043
11L-1Gasket for nipple dia. 50/40 x 1,50,0022222356-056
11AB-1Hexagon head screw M10 x 40 - 8,8 DIN 9330,0304441424-194
Chain drive
11M-1Chain wheel 1/2' x 25 (pump)0,7501112126-022
11N-1Washer dia. 30/17x30,0051111436-017
11P-1Locking nut M 160,0401111433-083
11Q-1Chain wheel 1/2' x 28 (crankshaft)0,4701112126-023
11R-1Hub for chainwheel0,7301112126-024
11 S-1Hexagon head screw M14 x 40 - 8,8 DIN 9330,9452221424-241
11T-1Spring washer dia. 23/14 x 30,0042221437-030
11U-1Chain 1/2' 58 endless0,5101111521-105
11V-1Guide shield for oil0,3801113141-136
11X-1Hexagon head screw M6 x 120,0032221413-339
11Y-1Spring washer dia. 11,1/6,1 x 1,60,0052221437-022
Unloading cylinder SMC • TSMC (LP) See drawing no 0661-602
12-1Unloading cylinder complete L = 122, S = 498,400113135-019
12-2Unloading cylinder complete L = 167, S = 948,5001113135-020
12-3Unloading cylinder complete L = 212, S = 1398,6001113135-021
12-4Unloading cylinder complete L = 257, S = 1848,700113135-022
12A-1Unloading cylinder SMC -TSMC (LP)6,7003433135-030
12C-1Piston rod L= 1220,200113135-046
12C-2Piston rod L= 1670,2501113135-047
12C-3Piston rod L= 2120,3001113135-048
12C-4Piston rod L= 2570,350113135-049
12D-1Threaded plug - 3/8' BSP0,0653432314-025
12E-1Gasket dia. 25/17x1,50,0023432356-130
12F-1Seeger ring dia. 850,0303431437-165
12G-1Spring guide0,1003432145-005
12H-1Spring retainer0,2003433135-058
12J-1Spring dia. 4/40 x 880,1003432142-041
12J-2Spring dia. 5/55 x 880,1703432142-042
12K-1Benzing ring dia. 120,0013431437-108
12K-2Benzing ring dia. 90,0013431437-105
12T-1O-ring neoprene dia. 142,7 x 3,50,0103431331-096
12U-1Hexagon head screw M14 x 500,0751216121424-243
12V-1Washer dia. 28/15x2,50,0101216121436-037
Unloading cylinder TSMC (HP) See drawing no 0661-602
12-5Unloading cylinder complete TSMC (HP)9,20013135-165
12A-2Unloading cylinder8,80013135-032
12C-5Piston rod for TSMC (HP)0,20013135-166
12D-1Threaded plug 3/8' BSP0,06512314-025
12E-1Gasket dia. 25/17x1,50,00212356-130
12G-5Spring guide0,11013135-095
12J-1Spring dia. 4/40 x 880,10012142-041
12J-2Spring dia. 5/55 x 880,17012142-042
12K-5Benzing ring dia. 90,00121437-105
12N-1Gasket for cover dia. 110/80 x 10,02512353-026
12P-1Hexagon head screw M6 x 200,00961424-152
12Q-1O-ring neoprene PRP 1120,00111331-013
12R-1Self locking nut 3/8' INF0,01011433-100
12S-1Washer dia. 21/10,5x20,00511436-035
12T-1O-ring neoprene dia. 142,7 x 3,50,01011331-096
12U-1Hexagon head screw M14 x 500,07541424-243
12V-1Washer dia. 28/15 x 2,50,01041436-037
Frame for unloading mechanism
13A-1Suspension rod (right)1,3403443135-067
13B-1Suspersion rod (left)1,3403443135-068
13C-1Cross piece at piston rod1,2403443135-077
13D-1Cross piece1,2203443135-083
13E-1Counter sunk screw M6 x 250,0061216161413-100
Bracket for unloading mechanism
14A-1Bracket with pin0,2506873135-061
14B-1Spacing ring for bracket0,0151216142124-005
14C-1Hexagon head screw M8 x 450,0101216141424-172
14D-1Spring washer0,0021216141437-023
Rocker for unloading mechanism
15A-1Rocker arm0,1001216163135-097
15B-1Bearing cup (without thread)0,0201216123135-100
15B-2Bearing cup (with thread) TSMC HP0,03543135-102
15C-1Spring holders0,0021216162145-002
15E-1Washer for regulation of bearing cup0,0043142-016
*16-1Crankshaft SMC186213,00013121-118
*16-2Crankshaft SMC 188-TSMC 188223,000113121-119
16A-1Lock washer1,8901113121-117
16B-1Hexagon head screw M14 x 45 - 8,8 DIN 9330,0102221424-242
16C-1Spring washer dia. 23,3/14,2 x 30,0042221437-030
16D-1Key 32x18x1000,3601112123-007
Connecting rod
*17-1Connecting rod, complete, SMC-TSMC LP12,3006863123-005
*17-2Connecting rod, complete, TSMC HP12,30023123-103
*17-3Connecting rod with piston complete, TSMC HP19,20023123-104
17A-1Half-section of bearing0,1801216162133-005
17A-2Half-section of bearing for repair0,1801216162133-006
17B-1Bushing for piston pin, SMC-TSMC LP1,1406862132-006
17B-2Needle roller bearing TSMC HP0,37041511-006
17C-1Connection rod bolt0,2001216162111-066
17D-1Self lock nut 5/8' UNF0,0301216161433-118
Piston See drawing no 0661-602
18-1Piston with pin and rings6,0756883124-053
18A-1Piston pin1,9656883125-119
18C-1Piston ring TOP mark0,1051216163125-128
18D-1Oil scraper ring0,1156883125-077
18E-1Seeger ring dia. 70 mm0,0201216161437-159
Cylinder liner with suction valve See drawing no 0661-602
19-1Cylinder liner with suction valve R71726,4806863112-067
19-2Cylinder liner with suction valve HCFC26,4806863112-069
19-3Cylinder liner with suction valve R717 TSMC HP26,34023112-068
19-4Cylinder liner with suction valve HCFC TSMC HP26,34023112-070
19A-1Cylinder liner17,1306883112-066
19B-1Unloading ring with pins1,2386883135-063
19C-1Washer dia. 8 x 5,3 x 0,50,0017296962114-020
19D-1Spring for unloading ring0,0027296962142-035
19E-1Tension spiral0,0406882142-049
19F-1Ring plates for suction valve0,0606883131-064
19G-1Valve spring0,0063648482141-050
19H-1Suction valve retaining plate R7175,3806882132-058
19H-2Suction valve retaining plate HCFC5,3806883132-061
19J-1Guide ring for discharge valve2,1806883134-007
19K-1Gasket for cylinder liner - 0,5 mm0,0066882356-116
19K-2Gasket for cylinder liner - 0,8 mm0,0106882356-249
19M-1O-ring only TSMC HP0,06021331-105
19N-1Socket cap screw M8x60 DIN 9120,0267296961413-364
Discharge valve See drawing no 0661 -602
20-1Discharge valve complete R717 HP23136-076
20-2Discharge valve complete R22 HP23136-075
20-3Discharge valve complete R717 LP6863136-078
20-4Discharge valve complete R22 LP6863136-077
20A-1Discharge valve seat1,8306883133-019
20B-1Valve retaining plate R717 HP4,00523132-063
20B-2Valve retaining plate R22 HP4,00523132-062
20B-3Valve retaining plate R717 LP4,0056863132-065
20B-4Valve retaining plate R22 LP4,0056863132-066
20C-1Ring plate for discharge valve0,0456883131-065
20D-1Special screw0,4156882111-111
20E-1Nut M24 x 2 - DIN 9340,0941216161432-052
20F-1Spring guide0,0406882145-020
20G-1Valve spring (valve for 20B-1 and 2)0,0067296242141-050
20G-2Valve spring (valve for 20B-3 and 4)0,0063648362141-050
20K-1Guide for ring plate R7170,1756883132-060
20K-2Guide for ring plate R220,1806883132-064
Spring for safety head
Oil pressure valve
22-1Oil pressure valve complete0,4501113142-150
22G-1Gasket 90 x 44 x 10,0011112354-075
22H-1Hexagon head screw M12 x 35 - 8,8 DIN 9330,0402221424-216
Oil changing valve
23A-1Oil changing valve complete0,3001112412-585
23B-1Threaded reducing nipple0,1551112311-059
By-pass valves
24-1By-pass valve dia. 38 TSMC LP 12 bar10,24012416-057
24-2By-pass valve dia. 38 SMC 18 bar10,215112416-058
24-3By-pass valve dia. 38 SMC 21 bar10,230112416-059
24-4By-pass valve dia. 38 SMC 24 bar10,240112416-060
24-5By-pass valve dia. 28 TSMC HP 22 bar3,60013137-007
24-6By-pass valve dia. 28 TSMC HP 24 bar3,60013137-009
24C-1O-ring for cylinder dia. 72,6 x 3,50,0401111331-074
24C-5O-ring for cylinder dia. 50,4 x 3,50,00211331-067
24E-1O-ring for cover dia. 85,3 x 3,50,0021111331-078
24E-5O-ring for cover dia. 63,1 x 3,50,00211331-071
24G-1Hexagon head screw M10 x 30 - 8,8 DIN 9330,0184441424-192
24G-5Hexagon head screw M8 x 25,5 - 8,8 DIN 9330,01541424-168
24H-1Spring washer dia. 17,2/10,2 x 20,0024441437-033
24H-5Spring washer dia. 14,2/8,2 x 20,00241437-023

Sabroe Smc 116 Manual Download

Pos.DesignationWeightDIMNumber each compressorPart no.
each in kgSMC 186SMC 188TSMC 188
25-1Stop valves complete discharge HP13,7006512414-072
25-2Stop valves complete inlet HP10012411-264
25-3Stop valves complete discharge LP1001112414-070
25-4Stop valves complete inlet LP1501112414-037
25B-1Valve bonnet3,2006512433-029
25B-2Valve bonnet4,5001001122433-030
25B-4Valve bonnet14,6601501112433-009
25C-1Front part for cone0,0286512444-092
25C-2Front part for cone0,5201001122444-094
25C-4Front part for cone1,5501501112444-006
25D-1Back part for cone4,4406512444-093
25D-2Back part for cone1,0001001122444-095
25D-4Back part for cone5,1001501112444-087
25E-1Screw for cone0,12065-1001132444-018
25E-4Screw for cone0,3501501112444-019
25F-1Gasket for screw0,00165-1001132356-141
25F-4Gasket for screw0,0011501112356-144
25G-1Threaded connection0,3406512445-054
25G-2Threaded connection0,4001001122445-055
25G-4Threaded connection0,8001501112445-049
25H-1Sealing ring0,0156512354-115
25H-2Sealing ring0,0201001122354-117
25H-4Sealing ring0,0101501112354-007
25J-1O-ring for bonnet 94,6 x 5,30,0046511331-161
25J-2O-ring for bonnet 116,8 x 70,0061001121331-198
25J-4O-ring for bonnet 202,79 x 3,50,0081501111331-107
25K-1Valve spindle0,4206512442-030
25K-2Valve spindle0,4801001122442-028
25K-4Valve spindle1,0001501112442-006
25L-1Lock washer0,01565-1001132445-020
25L-4Lock washer0,0251501112445-021
25M-1Packing gland complete0,25065-1001132452-004
25M-4Packing gland complete0,3501501112452-005
25N-1Guide pin dia. 5x100,00365-1001111446-085
25N-4Guide screw0,0061501112111-036
25P-1O-ring dia. 28,1 x 3,50,00265-1001131331-024
25P-4O-ring dia. 31,5x3,50,0031501111331-026
25Q-1Nylon washer dia. 34/22 x 1,50,0021001132354-017
25Q-4Nylon washer dia. 39,5/28 x 1,50,0021501112354-018
25R-1Hexagon head screw M10 x 25 8,8 - DIN 9,330,0206581424-191
25R-2Hexagon head screw M12 x 30 8,8 - DIN 9,330,04010081424-215
25R-4Hexagon head screw M20 x 65 8,8 - DIN 9,330,2101506661424-290
25S-1Hand wheel dia. 1400,8006511365-033
25S-2Hand wheel dia. 1801,0001001121365-035
25S-4Hand wheel dia. 2301,8001501112435-011
25T-1Hexagon head screw M8 x 160,01065-1001131424-166
25T-4Hexagon head screw M8 x 180,0101501111424-164
25U-1Washer for hand wheel dia. 28/9,50,0102241436-026
25V-4Spring washer dia. 100,00215011437-033
25Y-1O-ring dia. 21,8x3,50,00265-1002261331-020
25Y-4O-ring dia. 25,57 x 3,530,0021502221331-023
25AA-1Gaske against frame0,0206512354-106
25AA-3Gaske against frame0,0201001112354-106
25AA-4Gaske against frame0,0381501112354-120
25AB-1Hexagon head screw M16 x 450,0956541424-102
25AB-3Hexagon head screw M16 x 450,0951004441424-102
25AB-4Hexagon head screw M20 x 650,1251506661424-290
25AD-3Welding nipple1,1301001112322-118
25AD-4Welding nipple5,4201501112322-111
25AE-3Gasket for welding nipple0,0251001112356-104
25AE-4Gasket for welding nipple0,0401501112356-115
25AF-3Counter flange2,8001001112344-005
25AF-4Counter flange4,8801501112344-007
25AG-3Hexagon head screw M16 x 550,0501004441424-104
25AG-4Hexagon head screw M20 x 650,1251506661424-290

Sabroe Smc 116 Manual 2017

Pos.DesignationWeightNumber each compressorPart no.
each in kgSMC 186SMC 188TSMC 188
Pressure gauges and parts Suction and oil pressure gauge
30A-2R12, R22andR5021,6401111541-232
30A-3R22, R134a,andR404A1,6201111541-074
30B-1Nozzle and gasket dia. 14/08 x 1,50,0011113146-013
30C-1Gasket dia. 11/4x 1,50,0011112356-119
30D-1Cylinder head screw M4 x 200,0013331412-350
Discharge pressure gauge SMC
31A-4R12, R22andR5021,400111541-160
31A-5R22, R134a, and R404A1,400111541-075
31A-1Nozzle and gasket dia. 14/0,8 x 1,50,001113146-013
31C-1Cylinder head screw M4 x 200,001331412-350
Discharge pressure gauge TSMC
31A-4R12, R22andR5021,66011541-161
31A-5R22, R134a, and R404A1,66011541-076
31A-1Nozzle and gasket dia. 14/0,8 x 1,50,00123146-013
31C-1Cylinder head screw M4 x 200,00131412-350
Oil filter
33-1Oil filter complete1114524-037
33A-1Filter element1111517-119
33C-1End cover1113422-148
33D-1Rod for filter1112112-142
33E-1Shield for oil filter1112158-207
33F-1Bracket with connection1112331-049
33G-1Distance piece1112212-136
33H-1Rubber gasket1111334-012
33K-1Iron ring1112114-038
33L-1Washer dia. 171111436-034
33M-1Washer dia. 241111436-036
33N-1Nut M81111433-073
330-1Nut M121111433-075
Suction filter
34-1Suction filter oben with filter bag1,0522213425-100
34-2Suction filter closed with filter bag2,07013425-102
24B-1Filter bag0,0942223425-098
34C-1Insert for filter bag0,0582223424-062
34D-1O-ring for filter dia. 132,7 x 5,30,0202231331-170
34F-1O-ring for cover0,0062211331-099
34G-1Hexagon head screw M16 x 550,0508841424-104
34H-1Spring washer dia. 160,0048841437-027
Discharge pipe for oil pump
38A-1Discharge pipe for oil pump1,3951113141-134
38B-1Connection for discharge pipe0,3351112333-050
38C-1O-ring dia. 28,15x3,50,0021111331-024
38D-1O-ring dia. 43,8 x 5,330,0061111331-033
Gauge panel
39A-1Gauge panel0,0701113146-042
39B-1Socket cap screw M10 x 600,0502221413-382
39C-1Liner plate for gauge panel0,0042112212-063
Cooling water connection
40-1Set of hoses and connections SMC 1864,55013185-058
40-2Set of hoses and connection T/SMC4,700113185-059
40A-1Hose nipple dia. 19 x 3/4'0,0151416162334-026
40B-1Angle - 3/4' BSP0,136810101341-092
40C-1T-piece 1' x 3/4' x 3/4' BSP0,2061111352-030
40D-1Redusing socket 1' x 3/4' BSP0,1241111352-030
40E-1Cable binder0,0023331554-062
40F-1Hose ctampS 28/150,0241416161345-183
40G-1T-piece 3/4' x 3/4' x 3/4'0,1761111341-143
40H-1Nipple 3/4' x 400,0521111345-040
Pipe connection for gauges pressure controls and oil filter (by-pass)
41A-1Threaded nipple 3/4' x 1/1' BSP1112314-064
41B-1Gasket dia. 34/27 x 1,5 against frame0,0011112356-140
41C-1Plug for banjo0,0311112314-058
41D-1Gasket for banjo dia. 19/14x1,50,0012222356-124
41E-1Straight screw-in joint 1/4' BSP for OD 80,0441111349-050
41F-1Threaded nipple 1/2' x 1/4' BSP0,1101112314-056
41G-1Gasket against frame dia. 27 x 210,0011112356-133
41H-1Plug for double banjo0,0361112314-059
41J-1Gasket for banjo0,0013332356-124
41K-1Plug for banjo0,0401112314-048
41L-1Gasket for banjo0,0012222356-124
41M-1Distributor with 2 sockets1122333-043
41N-1Straight screw-in joint 1/4' BSP for OD 80,0421121349-050
41P-1Gasket for union dia. 9/3 x 10,0014472356-117
41Q-1Angle swivel screw-joint 1/4' BSP for OD 80,1001121349-087
41R-1Threaded plug 1/4' BSP0,3505662314-022
41T-1Gasket for plug dia. 19/14 x 1,50,0015662356-124
Purge valve
42A-1Purge valve, complete0,3001112412-585
42B-1Threaded nipple
42C-1Cutting ring0,1351111349-062
42F-1Connection pipe with collar0,0251112334-027
Pressure controls for R717
Pressure controls for HCFC
Temperature controls
45L-1Phial pocket for temperature controls0,7702221377-171
45M-1Gasket for phial pocket dia. 27/21 x 1,50,0012222356-133
45N-1Threaded plug 1/2' BSP0,0651112314-026
45P-1Gasket for plug dia. 27/21 x 1,50,0011112356-133
Coupling type 450S
48A-1Coupling fine (2 sets)2,7921111524-161
48B-1Coupling bolts0,2361616161524-169
48C-1Lock nuts0,0561616161524-177
Capacity regulation
50A-1Valve body with 1 solenoid valve without coil13143-384
50A-2Valve body with 2 solenoid valves without coils113143-385
50B-1Coil 220/230, 50/60 Hz, 10W0,2601372-537
50B-2Coil 110 50/60 Hz, 10W0,2601372-538
50B-3Coil 240 50 Hz, 10W0,2601372-539
50CSolenoid valve (service kit for 1 solenoid valve)1372-424
Crankcase heater - 3/4' BSP
57A-1Crankcase heater - 350 W, 110 V0,6201113181-017
57A-2Crankcase heater - 350 W, 220 V0,6201113181-014
57B-1Gasker dia. 34/27 x 1,50,0021112356-140
Crankcase heater -1 1/4' BSP
57A-3Crankcase heater - 460 W, 110V1113181-039
57A-4Crankcase heater - 460 W, 230 V1113181-040
57A-5Crankcase heater - 460 W, 250 V1113181-038
57B-2Gasker dia.42/49 x 6,50,0221111349-213
80Solenoide valve blok, complete with 0,6 mm orifice for oil return, excl. coil2.040111 or 21372-179
Strainer kit consist of:111 or 21372-089
Service kit consist of:111 or 21372-086
80PArmature tube
80NSnap fastener
Seal kit consist of:111 or 21372-091
Orifice kit 0,6 mm consist of:111 or 21371-034
80IOrifice 0,6 mm
Orifice kit 0,8 mm consist of:111 or 21371-035
80IOrifice 0,8 mm
Orifice kit 1,0 mm consist of:111 or 21371-036
80IOrifice 1,0 mm
Orifice kit 3,3 mm (for thermopump only) consist of:111 or 21371-037
80IOrifice 3,3 mm
80J-1Coil 220/230V, 50/60 Hz, 10 W0.2851372-537
80J-2Coil 110V, 50/60 Hz, 10W0.2851372-538
80J-3Coil 240V, 50 Hz, 10W0.2851372-539
80J-4Coil 24V, 50 Hz, 10W0.2851372-541
Intermediate pressure connection
90A-1Welding flange5,28012322-087
90C-1Counter flange5,62012344-010
90D-1Hexagon head screw M16 x 750,15541424-108
90E-1Spring washer dia. 160,00441437-027
90F-1Welding flange 160 x 1603,88522342-040
90H-1Hexagon head screw M16 x 650,10041424-106
90J-1Nut M160,03041432-067