Sims 4 Occult Mods

The idea of the Sims 4 werewolf mod comes from The Sims 4 Supernatural mod; basically, the werewolf mod is under the supernatural mod. In this mod, Sims player has to deal with witches, demons, and vampires. With an updated version in werewolf cc mod, you will get “ravenous” and “hungry like a wolf”, which means hungry wolf can eat anything even if it is spoiled food.

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  1. Realm of Magic for the PC version of The Sims 4 was released in 2019 in September. Fans of magic in The Sims were treated to how The Sims 4 takes on the supernatural power of the mystic arts with the return of witches, or, as they're now called Spellcasters.
  2. Download 4 items All Sims 4 occult Mods, include Spellman Mortuary: Funerals, Burials & Rites - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, True Blood Fangs & Gapped Variant (Teen-Elder), Howler Gang Graffiti.

Sims 4 Werewolf

Sims 4 occult hybrid mod

To get an information bit more, let’s get deep into the Sims werewolf. As you know you will get two updated mod. In Sims 4 werewolf expansion you will get various visual and voice effects. To get further details you have to pass level 5 with some cheats then it will approach lycanthropy, also level 4’s abilities are inherited.

Sims 4 Occult Mods

To run the extra mile with wolves, Sims will provide a werewolf d&d flavors. Where flavor 1 gives you an animal-like look and flavor 2 gives you a human-like look.

How to become a werewolf

Sims 4 Occult Mod Fairies

If we put the science fiction apart then a person, as a player Sims can easily transform into a werewolf. You know the lunar cycle and all term which is going good with the Lycanthropy, this helps you transform into a werewolf. In detail, we will know about the Sims werewolf transformation mod, which is out further portion. So let’s see.

Sims 4 werewolf transformation mod

By single clicking, your Sims can transform into a Werewolf. There is a button Transform into a werewolf, click it on that button and the process of transformation will begin. This power will perform the transformation at a normal rate.

In the end, let’s see troubleshooting technique if Sims 4 Werewolf mod is not working then go and check the EA folder which is stored in your Sims file, again paste it the mod file and restart the game.


Sims 4 Alien Mod

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