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  1. Slip, Stitch and Pass was the second live album (at the time) released by Phish. It's hard to imagine they had only released one live album prior to this, but it was essentially the band's announcement to fans and the rest of the world that it was going to carry over its success from being a 90's college band into the new millennium as one of the world's most influential improvisational bands.
  2. Slip Stitch and Pass is Phish's second official live album, originally released October 28, 1997. The nine tracks were recorded live March 1, 1997 at the Markthalle Hamburg in Hamburg, Germany. Renowned designer Storn Thorgerson designed the album cover. This Record Store Day Black Friday release is coming on double two-color splatter vinyl.

Phish - Slip Stitch And Pass (1997/2018) Hi-Res

At WE ARE KNITTERS, we are always trying new things; we love to experiment in our Design department and because of this we want to show you more new techniques to learn to knit many more things with WE ARE KNITTERS chunky wool!

We’re showing you a technique to learn how to knit Slip Knit Yarn Over Pass stitch, or SKYP stitch, which is exactly as it sounds, nothing more!

In the photo you can see how beautiful this stitch looks. Are you excited to know how to knit SKYP stitch now?

We have made an explanatory video so that you can see how to knit this stitch in more detail. But written instructions always go well to learn to knit a stitch, so here they are:

To begin, cast on any number of stitches in multiples of 2 and then add one more.

On connait la chanson torrent 411 chattanooga. Row 1: slip a stitch, knit a stitch, make a yarn over (place the strand around the right needle), take the stitch that you slipped and put it over the knitted stitch and the yarn over at the same time. Repeat all the steps until you finish the row.

Slip Stitch And Pass Rare


Rows 2 and 4: purl all the stitches.

Row 3: knit a stitch, *slip a stitch, knit a stitch, make a yarn over and cast off the last two stitches with the stitch that you slipped: the knit stitch + yarn over*. Repeat from * to * until you finish the row.

If you want to knit a scarf with this stitch, you just have to repeat these 4 rows throughout your project.

To learn how to knit this stitch, we are you leaving you a video tutorial here, which explains everything in detail.

By the way! To knit the SKYP stitch, we used 15 mm Beechwood needles and 100% chunky wool.


We hope that you have enjoyed the tutorial and that you will show us how it turned out on Instagram with the hashtag #weareknitters 😉