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Free RAR Password Unlocker. Free RAR Password Unlocker has options to unlock RAR password. Jun 01, 2013 Upload your password protected RAR file. Now Press on convert button; Wait for some time and then you will be able to download your file. The file you downloaded will be password- removed (Password will be removed). Free ZIP Password Unlocker is one of those apps that offer a versatile way of getting past locked archives, ZIP being only one of the supported formats. What type of files can you unlock? How to Open Password-Protected Zip Files? A completed guideline is here: Recover 100MB files for FREE! Try Wondershare Recoverit Data.


A ZIP file is typically used to compress large files into a smaller footprint so they can be shared easily in a single archive. Since data security has become a big concern in recent years, it's a good idea to apply a password restriction for access, especially if the files inside contain sensitive, private or confidential information. But what happens when you forget the password for a ZIP file? How can you unlock the ZIP with or without password? This article shows you how to unlock a ZIP file when you know the password, and when you have forgotten it.

Part 1: How to Unlock ZIP File with Current Password

When you are trying to open a password-protected ZIP file, a pop-up box appears, asking you to input the correct password before opening or unarchiving the document. If you knew the password, then it is a straightforward process to unlock the ZIP file.

Step 1: Download and install a free ZIP utility like 7-Zip or PeaZip.

Step 2: Open the zip app on your PC and import the locked ZIP file. You can do this by right-clicking on the file in Explorer.

Step 3: When prompted for the password, enter it and extract the files to a new folder.

Step 4: Now the zip file is unlocked, and you can access the decrypted content in the folder with the extracted files.

Note: The password is provided by you, and 7-Zip will provide the key. These two work together to unlock your file or, in other words, decrypt the ZIP file's content.

Unfortunately, 7-Zip does not offer a way to crack a ZIP password or even unlock a ZIP file that is password protected. To do that, you need a special tool, which has been outlined in the next section.

Part 2: How to Unlock a ZIP File without Password

The password recovery process is complex that requires the right tools. Androidphonesoft ZIP Password Unlocker is perfect for this purpose because it preserves the integrity of ZIP file data throughout the process. This trusted application is used by millions of users being struggled with forgotten ZIP password.

To recover the password, the software uses advanced password cracking techniques. Furthermore, the hardware acceleration feature lets the program utilize your CPU cores and your GPU to complete the task upto 10x faster! If you have a locked ZIP file on your hands, this is the tool for you. Follow the steps below to unlock a ZIP file without the help of an archiver utility.

Step 1 Preparation

Download Androidphonesoft ZIP Password Unlocker and install it. From the first screen, click the icon at left side to add zip file to the program.

Step 2 Select Password Cracking Mode

Define the attack method and associated parameters before commencing the password crack.

Brute Force Attack - This attack type does not require additional parameters to be set because it attempts all possible password combinations of varying lengths. It takes longer than other methods, but your ZIP password is sure to be cracked 100% of the time.


Dictionary Attack - Not frequently used because it requires wordlists, which are collections of possible passwords that have been curated for this purpose.

Combination Attack - This is the recommended attack type because it balances speed with effectiveness.

Mask Attack (Preferred) - This type is faster because you will be providing certain known parts of the password. For example, if you remember that your password begins with your first name, mention that as a parameter. This prefix will then be appended to the password combinations attempted by the software.

In this part, we will use Mask Attack as example because it is much faster than other attacks.

Step 4 Start Unlocking ZIP File

Once the attack type is defined, click on Recover to begin the cracking process. You will be able to monitor the progress on the screen. When the password has been recovered, you will see an option to directly open the ZIP file from within the program, or you can just copy it and open the file in the regular manner.

The best part about this utility is that you don't have to worry about your data being corrupted. Nothing is touched because the tool only recovers the password. It doesn't attempt to open the file on its own because the key is required for that. All it does is make the password available to you so you can open the file with a normal archive utility, even WinZip.

Part 3: Unlock Password-Protected ZIP Files without Any Software

Is it possible to unlock a ZIP file without using any software? The anwser is No in the past but it is 100% valid because of emerged cloud computing services. This sort of online service works as a mainframe computer and combine serveral PCs into a centralized machine in order to release more computing power to the remote users.

When doing a search query in Google, you will find a lot of services claiming it is able to crack password from protected ZIP file. However, the truth is that most of them are scammers and very dangerous to the data. Please go ahead and test it out if the ZIP didn't contained important data.

To sum up

One final note about password security. Any password that you apply to a file to keep the information inside confidential needs to be unique, long and hard-to-guess. Don't use the same password for different files, because if one document is hacked, all the others are vulnerable to the attack as well. To avoid this, you can try using a random password generator, and then save that in a locked Excel file with a master password. That way, you'll only need to remember one password, not several of them.

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Data security has always been one of the most significant concerns. The best way to secure files is by compressing them into a ZIP file format and enabling password protection. Regardless of an organization or company, people use the ZIP compression software in order to secure their personal information and documents. Besides data protection fact, it an outstanding source to reduce the data size and manage it in one place. Looking at its exceptional uses, everyone prefers the ZIP compression software to protect the data from suspicious intrusion. But the problem arises when you forget the password that was used for the protected file.

Well, there is nothing to worry at all, there are multiple techniques to unlock ZIP files or even these utilities can crack/break the password and allows you to open password-protected ZIP file without password. So, if you are wondering how to unlock ZIP password, you are in the right place. Read the complete guide to find what is the best ZIP file password unlocker to unlock the ZIP password.

Part 1. What is ZIP File Password Unlocker?

Hopefully, if you are reading the post it means you are aware of what ZIP file password unlocker does. But if you are totally new in this game and never heard about any ZIP file password unlocker, then this part is for you. The ZIP password unlocker uses different encryption techniques including Brute Force, Combination Attack, Mask Method and Dictionary Attach to decrypt the data even if the file is protected with a password. Even some good software recovers the locked ZIP files regardless of the strength and length of the password.

Brute Force Technique: The Brute Force technique comprises of intermittent login efforts utilizing each plausible letter in order, numeral, and character gathering to foresee a password. Far-reaching comprehensive key ventures are the method to locate any forgotten password, however, they take more time.

Combination Attack: You can lay down any arrangement of numbers, symbols, and letters or mix combination attack mode will make different conceivable password mixes from them until the password is recuperated.

Password cracker zip

Mask Technique: This is a changed type of Brute Force mode which is utilized when you know a few hints of your password. For example, in the event that you know the total length of the password, start a character or the last character you can utilize this strategy by concealing the known data.

Dictionary Attach Technique: Dictionary attacks utilize the accessible dictionary, however, the likelihood of a short rundown of words can be less. Much of the time utilized password records, regular names, nicknames, videos or celebrity names, and different words are included in the dictionary.

Here, in this guide, we will see some of the best and most powerful ZIP file password unlocker tool.

The best ZIP File Password unlocker is the Passper for ZIP. It is the utmost expert and viable password unlocker for ZIP documents in the marketplace by a wide margin. Its emphasis on recuperating lost passwords of ZIP documents made by any tool. The software gives you an option to choose the character groups that you believe the password holds which boosts up the recuperation procedure quicker.


It has the best features compared to the other ZIP password unlocker available in the market.

  • Durable Recovery Ability: The Passper for ZIP backing to unlock 16-character code effectively.
  • Commanding Attack Techniques: Passper for ZIP gives you 4 attack methods to unlock the password even if you already recognize the password or not.
  • Best Recovery Rate: It has the greatest recovery percentage in the market. Implemented the GPU & CPU boosting, Passper for ZIP gives guarantee the recuperation rate equal to be 98%.
  • Compatibility: It has complete compatibility with all versions of Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista.
  • Easy to Use: Passper for ZIP accompanies a simple to-utilize interface that encourages you to unlock your encoded ZIP document inside minutes.
  • Reliable: Passper for ZIP is the product of iMyFone, that haven’t any malware or malicious content with it.

Part 3. How to Unlock ZIP File with Passper for ZIP

To unlock the ZIP file with Passper software, follow the 3 easy steps to crack the password:

Step 1: Download Passper for ZIP from iMyFone website and install it on your PC. Run the tool, import the file that you want to recover.

Step 2: Now you select the recovery method (Combination Attack, Dictionary Attack, Mask Attack, Brute Force Attack). That will decrypt your file.

Step 3: After choosing the recovery mode, click on the “Next” button to start the recovery process. After some time the recovered password will be shown on screen. Copy the password and use it to open your ZIP file.

Part 4. Other Great ZIP Password Unlockers

Apart from the Passper for ZIP, there are also some other good ZIP password unlocker tools are available in the market. These also have a good recovery rate but have some limitations like they didn’t crack a long password. Here are two iSunshare ZIP Password Genius and KRyLack ZIP Password recovery are suggested if you haven’t the Passper for ZIP software.

1. iSunshare ZIP Password Genius

The iSunshare ZIP Password Genius is a powerful and advanced ZIP password cracker. It recovers forgotten passwords of different types of ZIP archives like *.ZIP, WinZIP, 7ZIP, etc. It is very easy to use and gives the option to pause the recovery process. It is compatible with all Windows versions of 32bit and 64bit.


  • Effective Password Recovery: Unlock forgotten or lost passwords for encoded ZIP/winZIP/7ZIP formats. Also, unlock password protected ZIP files regardless of what compression and encoding technique are utilized.
  • Advanced Decryption Method: Offer four different attacking techniques: Brute Force, Mask, Dictionary, and Smart. Backing multi-core CPU to quicken the ZIP password recuperation process altogether.
  • Pause & Auto-save: You can pause the recovery process at any point. Also, this tool automatically saves the process.
  • Ease of Use: Every step is very clear and easy to utilize.
  • Standard & Professional Versions: The standard version supports ZIP password recuperation on a PC with four different recovery techniques Brute Force, Mask, Dictionary, and Smart.

The other Professional version is worked with only the Brute Force method.

Software Crack Works Zip File Password Unlocker Windows 10

2. KRyLack ZIP Password Recovery

Software Crack Works Zip File Password Unlocker Tool

KRyLack ZIP Password Recovery tool helps users to unlock their ZIP file lost password that user maybe forgot. It has a very clean and nice user interface. Its free version uses the Brute Force method to recover passwords. In the paid version, it has the same advanced features but in the free version, it successfully has done the main task.

Zip Crack Password

Feature:Network visio stencils.

  • Clean Interface: It has very clean and likes old windows interface. Also, very easy for beginners.
  • Customized length with Brute Force: It has a free version with Brute Force technique including all possible combinations. If you know the length of the password then it good for you because it has a password length input that helps you to unlock ZIP file very quickly.
  • Types of Character: It has a list of character types that help you to unlock ZIP password quickly if you know how many types of character you have in your password.
  • Immediately Found Password: It has an ability to find 4 numbers password very quickly if you select the appropriate option that it has asked to you.
  • Compatibility: It has the ability to unlock different types of ZIP encrypted passwords like AES encrypted ZIP, ZIPX archives.

Softwarecrackworks Zip File Password Unlocker Free

You can learn more from our best ZIP password recovery review here.


Zip File Password Cracker

We describe three ZIP password unlocker, in which the Passper for ZIP is the best forgotten and lost ZIP password recovery tool. Also, the other iSunshare ZIP Password Genius and KRyLack ZIP Password Recovery are good to use. But these have limitations. So, we highly recommended the Passper for ZIP tool for you to unlock the password-protected ZIP files and recover the forgotten ZIP file password.