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Thanks to the death-defying efforts of Team Half-Elf, Grog got his hands on a shiny, new, ancient, sentient longsword last week. Unlike the previous sentient weapon, the Sword of Kas (or just Kas, as it has elected to be called) has quite a bit of D&D lore associated with it, not to mention significantly more power (and potential risk).

That's the weapon many DMs used for decades as a reference, but funnily enough, neither had any particular damage bonus vs. Inanimate objects until 5e. What was lost in exchange, was a solid 15% chance on every attack of ruining someone's day.

Uworld screenshot for mac free. Below, we run though a very basic summary of what we know about the sword from the DMG, Critical Role, and Talks Machina so far. While we always encourage critters to do their own homework and take a look in the DMG yourself for more details, keep in mind the DM privilege of self-customization. (As usual, we will attempt to refrain from speculating beyond what has been demonstrated.)

Looking for information about the big bads waiting for Vox Machina in Thar Amphala? Check out our Vecna or Briarwood compendiums! Warning, Spoilers abound! Proceed with caution below and in the compendiums if you haven’t watched through episode 112, or if you just want to be completely surprised when more details are revealed.

  • Legend says Vecna's destruction came at Kas's hand, but Vecna also wrought his rebellious lieutenant's doom, leaving only Kas's sword behind. The world was made brighter thereby. The Sword of Kas is a magic, sentient longsword that grants a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it.
  • Any sword Explosive Arrows: uncommon arrows: Exponential Weapon: legendary any Faen Shortbow: very rare shortbow: Falcon Bow: rare swallow bow: Fallen Angel: legendary longbow: Fallen Godsblade: very rare any weapon that deals piercing or slashing damage Fallen Star: Very rare Hammer, Maul Fan blades: varies Any sword Fan of the Four.

Who in the Hells is Kas?

The DMG tells us that during Vecna’s initial rise to power as a lich, Kas served the Whispered One as a faithful and highly effective lieutenant (DMG p226). Kas’s ruthlessness as assassin, warlord, and advisor eventually earned him the name Kas the Bloody-Handed. As a reward for his excellent service, Vecna gifted him a sentient longsword. However, at the sword’s urging, Kas attempted to usurp Vecna’s power. In the ensuing struggle, both Kas and Vecna were killed, leaving behind three powerful artifacts: the sword, Vecna’s left eye, and Vecna’s left hand.

In the world of Exandria, Ioun tells a more detailed story. Kas was one of many rivals that challenged Vecna during his initial rise to power before the Calamity. Upon Kas’s defeat, Vecna offered Kas eternal life as a vampire in exchange for swearing loyalty as his chief lieutenant. Kas accepted, becoming Kas the Bloody-Handed and receiving a relic blade Vecna forged with his own consciousness. With Kas at his side, Vecna was now unstoppable, and struck down many of his enemies in the months that followed.

On the Solstice, the Beacon of Arms, led by Yos Varder, invaded the Shadowfell and marched on Thar Amphala under the banner of the Dawnfather. Vecna struck down Yos Varder, but Kas, seeing opportunity, turned on his weakened master with the same sword that Vecna had gifted to him. In the ensuing struggle, Kas was reduced to ash, and Vecna was destroyed save for his left hand and eye. According to Ioun, the hand, eye, and sword were never recovered.

What’s the Deal with the Sword?

Like all sentient weapons, The Sword of Kas has its own personality, desires, and goals, and has the ability to exert its own will on an unwary wielder. According to both the DMG and Ioun, it is bent on the destruction of Vecna and his followers. Ioun specifically stated that a “powerful evil drives the sword, but to a just end.”

The DMG standard Sword of Kas is a +3 longsword that deals extra damage to undead creatures, crits on a natural 19 or 20, and grants a bonus to the wielder’s combat initiative. The Spirit of Kas allows the user to sacrifice some or all of the sword’s attack bonus to transfer to the user’s armor class for the round. The sword also allows the wielder to cast three powerful, pre-determined spells, each once per day until the following dawn. On the more sinister side, however, the Sword of Kas can be fairly impatient. As Grog demonstrated upon unsheathing it, the sword forces its user into a contest of charismatic wills if it's not immediately satisfied (within one minute). Upon failure (DC 15), the sword forces its wielder to bathe the sword in blood, ANYONE’S blood. This domination ends once blood has been drawn.

As an artifact, in addition to the base attributes discussed above, the Sword of Kas comes with both beneficial and detrimental side effects of both major and minor varieties. The DMG has a series of tables with suggested properties (p219-221), but DMs are encouraged to use them as inspiration for their own ideas, should they wish. As such, the Exandrian Sword of Kas might not only have attributes unique to the DMG, but might also carry more than the suggested number of four properties…

On the beneficial side, Travis hinted on Talks Machina that Grog has received a boost to his Constitution modifier and hit points. Assuming adherence to the DMG, this appears to take the place of the weapon’s major benefit. While we have theories about minor benefits, these remain unconfirmed at this time.

On the detrimental side, we have already seen the sword affect the physical appearance of Grog, who is now more pale and gaunt, and whose eyes now glow with a disturbing red glow. This matches a potential minor detriment. The psychic damage Grog took upon attuning to the sword also speaks to the device's major detriment, which was significantly more than the suggested 3d6 psychic damage Grog would have taken had he resisted Kas's Domination (which, he did not).

Can the Sword be Destroyed?

According to the DMG (p226), the sword can only be destroyed under very specific circumstances:

  • A mage must be attuned to both the Hand and Eye of Vecna;
  • This mage must cast the Wish spell to unmake the sword;
  • The spell must be cast within 30 ft of the sword;
  • The caster must succeed in a contested Charisma Check against the sword.

In episode 104, Pelor appeared to destroy the Eye of Vecna, so at a first glance, it seems the sword is currently invincible. However, the DMG (p224) also says that the Eye and Hand of Vecna can only be destroyed if:

  • Both the Hand and Eye of Vecna are attuned to the same creature, and;
  • Said creature is slain by the Sword of Kas, resulting in both burning into ash.

The DMG goes on to say that other attempts to destroy either the Hand or the Eye appear to succeed, only for the item to reappear in one of Vecna’s hidden vaults to be put to use once more. Under these circumstances, both Hand and Eye could be back in Vecna’s hands… er, hand.

In the lands of Eletreus, there is a magical steel known as Coronatite that when made into a short sword, creates a weapon that is almost indestructible, has armor piercing capabilities and chews up any normal weapon it comes up against.

In the real world, this is the actual result of a Scorpion Swords 1095 Carbon Steel blade versus your typical untempered ‘wallhanger’ – their swords may be shorter but they are almost indestructible, and if you could take one back in time it truly would seem to be ‘magical’ as the purity of modern steel combined with scientific tempering methods IS magic.


Below is a selection of handles and blades that fit together to create a hybrid design of your own choosing. From there, you can customize many other aspects of the blade such as the type of wood used, color and style of the blade, etc all for one low, fixed price – overall length will tend to be around 35″, average blade length is 22-24″ and most designs weigh around 2.5-3lbs.

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Kas 5e

A sword made from Coronatite – the unobtanium of sword steels – is inherently magical and has qualities of extreme durability and armor piercing capabilities. Normal swords and weapons are chipped, cracked, smashed or damaged beyond repair when they face such blades – but the magic only works at certain mass and at has a certain length. Any longer or shorter, and the magical properties remain locked within the steel.

In the real world, the swords made using the generator maximize durability by being thick, using properly hardened and tempered 1095 carbon steel and keeping the whole thing relatively short and essentially of one piece construction, you end up with a blade designed to dish out abuse and punishment without fear of it breaking or anything coming loose no matter how silly you get with it.

The custom sword you can create with the generator will turn out exactly as pictured – you choose whether you would like a sword with an emphasis on the cut or the thrust – the number of possible combinations is truly astounding.

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