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Ulysses is your one-stop writing environment for Mac, iPhone and iPad. Ulysses is your one-stop writing environment for Mac, iPhone and iPad. Its pleasant, focused writing experience, combined with effective document management, seamless sync, and flexible export, make Ulysses the first choice for writers of all kinds. Psiphon for mac free download.

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I’m writing this article on Ulysses after having some great days with it. Yes, it is a beautiful writing app for Mac. When it comes to writing we never forget our childhood days. We have done so much of writing tasks in Schools and college on notebooks. Life has changed completely, technology is so much advanced and we can take advantage of apps to improve our writing in a distraction-free environment.

Mac is very popular for its hardware, design and app ecosystem. If you are looking for a smooth writing app for Mac, then you must consider Ulysses. The Ulysses app is perfectly designed for Authors, Bloggers, Journalists, and Scriptwriters. If you come under these categories or similar profession which has a lot of writing tasks, Ulysses will help you to quickly and efficiently.

What Makes Ulysses Special?

There are certain things to focus while talking about the Ulysses. We listed some most important ones below so that you can understand this app better.


Ulysses is a Markdown feature enabled app. Markdown is nothing but the styling of text we type. With the help of Markdown, we can easily mark text to bold, italic, and headings. For scriptwriters, it is necessary to add styles to the sentences to make the scene important.

Ulysses offers almost all types of text styling features. When you export the writing from Ulysses to other formats, the Markdown will simply convert the styling to according to the target format. So, you will never have to revise your article styling again.


The app is well designed for regular writers as well. The interface of the app is pretty neat and offers continuous workflow. It makes your writing work easier and you can expect distraction-free working experience all the time. The app’s interface is very simple that even beginners will be able to use it without the need of a guide. The speed is good, the interface is perfect, and all the necessary functions are stacked in the main interface itself.

Export Options

After the finishing your writing project now it is the time to export. Here where the Ulysses excels, you can export file to HTML or directly WordPress and PDF format. So, you do not have to depend on an extra application to do this conversion. Ulysses itself supports all the popular formats that you ever need. This is very helpful for people with versatile writing needs.


Ulysses is available for MacOS and iOS. With the help of iCloud, you can sync every word written on one device to other connected device instantly. If you are a traveler and loves writing in between your journeys, you should consider using the Ulysses application. The real-time cloud sync makes sure that the writing stays up to date on the cloud and accessible from any of your devices.

Stay Focused

I’m specially mentioning this feature for serious writers. The full-screen mode of the app offers minimalistic user interface. Which are just your words and nothing else? An interruption-free writing experience is needed to focus on quality writing. So, by using Ulysses, you can make this possible. Nothing else will be on the screen other than your mouse and your words. So, enjoy writing at its best.

Auto-Save & Automatic Backup

Ulysses will never make you lose your valuable writings. The auto-save and the auto-backup feature will ensure that your entire writing library is safe all the time. Even if you forgot to save your content after finishing a project, or if the system shutdown unexpectedly, there is no need to worry. Your content is always backed up on the cloud.

Live Preview

The live preview feature will preview your content real-time. In other words, you can see how the final output of the article look like even before you save it. This is a very useful feature, especially for the design-rich documents.

Share your Content Right from the App

Ulysses For Mac Free Download

You do not have to manually copy and share your creation. You just have to use the built-in share feature of the Ulysses. It allows sharing the content on numerous platforms such as iBooks, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. within a click on a button.

The Final Thoughts

There are plenty more features to mention about Ulysses. But we think these are enough for now. From our experience, Ulysses is one of the best writing apps for Mac. If you are a regular writer who writes scripts, articles, or publications frequently, you should consider using Ulysses. The features are great, the design is good, pricing is also affordable ($4.99/month). Then why hesitating to use such a useful product?

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  • User Interface
  • Price

Ulysses Writing Software


Undoubtedly Ulysses is a minimalistic and distraction free writing app. If you are considering the price factor, remember quality comes with a price tag.

Developer(s)The Soulmen - Ulysses GmbH & Co. KG
Stable release
Operating systemMac OS X, iPadOS, iOS
TypeText editor / Word processor
LicenseSaaS, proprietary

Ulysses is a text editor for Apple Mac OS X, iPad, and iPhone. It is targeted at creative writers who do not want to worry about text layout, formatting, or other distractions, and who want to focus on their words,[1][2] although it does support Markdown for basic formatting.[3]


Ulysses For Mac

Ulysses was named after the novel Ulysses by James Joyce.

The Ulysses software was originally released for Mac OS and in version 2.5 support was added for iPhone and iPad.

The license for Ulysses has been a subscription model (SaaS) since version 11.[4][5]

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