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VideoScribe is a whiteboard animation software program built by Sparkol, which allows anyone without animation skills to create stunning whiteboard animations as well as profesional explainer videos. With its pre-made drawing effects as well as animation effects, you will be able to present a rather complicated idea in a clear and visual way. Use your own assets & VideoScribe will draw them: Choose from diverse range of hands, pens, erasers & more: Over 190 royalty-free music tracks: Record a voiceover: Import your own music or voiceover: Remove VideoScribe watermark: Buy premium images. Video sharing & formats: Share to Vimeo & PowerPoint: Download your video locally: High. VideoScribe is a Whiteboard Animation Software tool used for creating stunning whiteboard-style animated videos in high definition. It has a simple interface and comes with a free trial. Tutorials are also provided along with this tool which is used by most of the freelancers and designers worldwide. Mar 20, 2018 This video shows you the different ways you can download and install VideoScribe on Mac OS X. For further help with VideoScribe and other Sparkol products pl. What VideoScribe customers are saying 'I am an artist and graphic designer and was in awe when I discovered Sparkol VideoScribe' Janet, Florida 'If you're in the market of telliing stories for people, and getting paid to do it, then VideoScribe is another very cost-effective tool to have in the box' Sam, Bristol.

Video scribing is an engaging way of storytelling and explaining something in a visual art way. The videos created in such a whiteboard style combines audio, video and third party interactions in an interesting way. Video scribing gives a way to video makers, businesses, as well as individuals, create engaging videos that can say ahead in the minds of viewers. So if you are looking to utilize video scribing for different purposes then check out the below video scribe software and get started with the best one.



Create stunning, engaging and traffic gathering whiteboard style animation videos effectively with VideoScribe. Doesn’t matter if you don’t have any technical knowledge of animation still you can create these animation whiteboard videos with the same effectiveness as it comes with various functionalities, options, and features to help you create the one.

VideoScribe Sparkol

Ithaca model 37 serial numbers 371721885. VideoScribe Sparkol is a desktop based video scribe software that helps you create attention-grabbing and highly professional whiteboard animation videos easily. This tool can help create videos for business purpose, freelancers, educators, students and all. Get this tool downloaded for your system and start creating exceptional videos conveniently. Download now.


Go for TrueScribe if you are looking for an easy to use and interesting videos scribe software. You don’t need to possess any design experience to create whiteboard videos using this tool. It helps you create engaging videos easily and thus reach your audience by grabbing their attention effectively. Perfect videos scribe software, free download for 21 days trial.

Video Scribe Software for Other Platforms

In addition to above-listed video scribe software, you can also have specialized Whiteboard Video Software designed for particular platforms. There are various software available specifically for windows, android, Mac and more operating systems. So if you are looking for a specialized whiteboard video solution for your system then check out our top selections below.

Open Sankore for Windows

Looking for easy to use and effective free videos scribe tool for windows? Download Open Sankore as you video scribe software open source that is compatible with any kind of interactive hardware. It is also available in multiple languages. So you can create any kind of whiteboard videos easily with this tool. Get this software downloaded now.

Best Video Scribe Software for Mac – VideoScribe Anywhere

Download this whiteboard video application or your android device and create Animated Videos comparatively faster. You simply need to enter the video script and images from the library and this program can create awesome videos for you quickly. The created videos can be utilized for business purposes, education, freelancing or any general use.

Videoscribe MacVideoscribe Mac

Best Video Scribe Software for Android – VideoScribe Now!

Looking for a solid whiteboard video software for your Mac system? Download VideoScribe Anywhere and create stunning whiteboard videos using Mac. This Mac software offers faster video rendering and options to share and download your videos conveniently. So reach your audience and tell your business stories in an engaging manner with this Mac video scribe software.

Most Popular Video Scribe Software – Explee

Explee is one of the most popular video scribe software available online that an help you create resounding whiteboard videos at the easiest. It lets you create powerful, interactive and efficient animated videos for any purpose. Whether you want to engage your audience, or want to create educational animations for your students, this tool can help you with any kind of your whiteboard videos needs easily.

How to Install Video Scribe Software?

First of all find out the suitable video scribe software download that is compatible with your system. Open the downloaded setup and agree to the terms of usage. Now the instruction wizard will offer your step by step instructions for installing the software to your system. The time taken to complete the installation may vary little bit software to software. You can start creating your whiteboard videos immediately after installation of the software. You can create videos for business purpose, educational purpose, freelancing or for anything.

Videos have become the need of any business nowadays, however, the videos market is also pretty competitive that rare of the videos can bring the attention of public. However, the whiteboard videos can tell your personal, business or education stories in an interesting and engaging way. So get any of the above-listed software downloaded for you and start creating perfect whiteboard videos for your different needs.

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Initial releaseMarch 2012; 8 years ago
Operating systemWindows 7 or newer, Mac OS X 10.6 or higher, iOS 4 or higher, Android
TypeWhiteboard animation software

VideoScribe is software for creating whiteboard animations automatically.

It was launched in 2012 by UK company Sparkol. By April 2014 it had more than 250,000 users in 135 countries around the world.[1]

VideoScribe is developed in Adobe Flash and produces QuickTime movies and Flash videos. Video files can be exported to Quicktime video, Flash video or image sequences (JPEG or PNG).[2]

In April 2013, American school children used VideoScribe to create a message for Barack Obama, pleading with the US President to reinstate their tour of the White House after it was cancelled by federal budget cuts.[3] UK Chancellor George Osborne narrated a scribe to explain the Spending Round on the British Government website in June 2013.[4] The following month, VideoScribe was recommended on the BBC News website.[5] The VideoScribe iPad app won Best Mobile/Tablet B2B App at the 2013 MOMA Awards after being nominated in three categories.[6]Mashable have used VideoScribe to make several whiteboard videos for their website.[7]

VideoScribe is available as a desktop version and an iPad app. The desktop version allows a seven-day free trial after which users can buy VideoScribe Pro on monthly, yearly or one-off subscriptions, which gives users rights for commercial and resell use.[8] There are multi-user discounts for businesses and education establishments.


Video Scribe Pro

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