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Aug 27, 2008 Some Spanish language manuals are available. If you tell me the model number of your machine, I will help you search. If you don't know model number, the serial number will help to identify. My gmail address is oldsewingmachines -Ed 3/13/2014 7:56 AM. Note: when two serial numbers are on the machine use the larger of the serial numbers. Anyway here goes nothing. I do hope you find it useful. Note: On pre-1900 Singer machines if there are two serial numbers, always use the higher, longer, larger, serial number of the two to date your machine. 221K Serial Numbers; 221J Serial Numbers; 222K Serial Numbers; For Sale. If you find this site useful and want to make a small donation to support its maintenance.


ModelDownload Link
Singer 15k, 66k, 201k, 99k, 185k, 327k, 328k, 329k & 404k
Singer 15-88, 15-89 and 15-90
Singer 66k
Singer 99 and 99K
Singer 117 Featherweight
Singer 127 – 128
Singer 132k6, 132K10, 132K12 (parts)
Singer 936
Singer 160
Singer 327, 329
Singer 401
Singer 631
Singer 1007
Singer 1014
Singer 1108 / 8280
Singer 1120
Singer 1130
Singer 1306 Start
Singer 1408 Promise
Singer 1409 Promise
Singer 1412 Promise
Singer 1507
Singer 20 Miniature
Singer 2000 Athena
Singer 2000 Touch-Tronic
Singer 201K
Singer 210K
Singer 221K
Singer 247, 3102, 547
Singer 2250 Tradition
Singer 2263 Traditiion
Singer 2662
Singer 2277 Tradition
Singer 2273 Tradition
Singer 2282 Tradition
Singer 2808
Singer 290
Singer 306K / 306W
Singer 307
Singer 3000 / 3014
Singer 3002 – 3012 Series
Singer 319K Swing Needle Machine
Singer Fashion Mate 360
Singer 3116
Singer 3210 Simple
Singer 3221 Simple
Singer 3223 Simple
Singer 3229 Simple
Singer 3232 Simple
Singer 3321 Talent
Singer 3323 Talent
Singer 3333 Fashion Mate
Singer 3337 Fashion Mate
Singer 34L and 38L
Singer 3800/20
Singer 3860
Singer 413
Singer 4411 Heavy Duty
Singer 4012/ 4022
Singer 4220, 4228
Singer 4423 Heavy Duty
Singer 4526, 4528, 4530, 6214, 6215, 6217, 6606, 7015
Singer 4432 Heavy Duty
Singer 478 Stylist
Singer 478
Singer 4830 and 4832
Singer 5040
Singer 5528
Singer 5400
Singer 5565 and 5525
Singer 5805
Singer 5560
Singer 656, 676
Singer 6160 Brilliance
Singer 6180 Brilliance
Singer 6199 Brilliance
Singer 6217, 6221C
Singer 6233
Singer 6234
Singer 6201 / 6211
Singer 6660 Starlet
Singer 6680 Starlet
Singer 6699 Starlet
Singer 7140 Fashion Mate
Singer 7100 Series
Singer 7256 Fashion Mate
Singer 7422QT
Singer 7463 Confidence
Singer 7465 Confidence
Singer 7468
Singer 7469 Confidence Quilter
Singer 7470 Confidence
Singer 756
Singer 8007, 8019, 8002
Singer 8606
Singer 8763 Curvy
Singer 8768 Heritage
Singer 8770 Curvy
Singer 99K
Singer 947
Singer 9005, 9008, 9010, 9015
Singer 9224, 9217
Singer 9019
Singer 9030, 9034, 9044, 9110
Singer 9100 Stylist
Singer 9240 Concerto
Singer 9910
Singer 9920
Singer 9940
Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist
Singer Quantum Stylist 9980
Singer C240 Featherweight
Singer C5205
Singer CE150 Futura
Singer CE200 Futura
Singer CE250 Futura
Singer CE350 Futura
Singer Cosplay Machine CP6350M, CP6355M
Singer Capri GL220 330
Singer Quantum Stylist EM200
Singer EM9305 Embroidery Only Machine
Singer M1005
Singer M2105
Singer M1605
Singer Legacy SE300
Singer Industrial 20U
Singer Industrial 219U
Singer Industrial 188U
Singer Industrial 191D
Singer Industrial 321C
Singer L-500
Singer One
Singer One Plus
Singer Overlocker 14U34B/234B
Singer Overlocker 14U65B/85B/285B
Singer Overlocker 14HD854
Singer Overlocker 14SH644
Singer Overlocker 14SH654
Singer Overlocker 14SH754
Singer Overlocker 14TH554D and 14T554S
Singer Overlocker 14U32
Singer Overlocker 14U344B
Singer Overlocker 10UJ12
Singer Overlocker 14U52A
Singer XL400 Futura
Singer XL550 Futura
Singer XL580 Futura
Singer XL100
Singer XL1000
Singer XL5000
Singer XL6000
Singer Ironing ESP2
Singer Ironing ESP2
Singer Ironing ESP36T1
Singer Ironing SP550
Singer Electronic Ironing Board SIIB9070
Singer Electronic Ironing Board SIIB9020
Singer Steam Station SISS2280
Singer Ironing MSP7
Singer Ironing CSP1
Singer Ironing Press Stand
Singer Dress Model


Www.singerco.com Support Serial Numbers
ModelDownload Link
Singer Blender SIYD2239
Singer Professional Blender SPBL808
Singer Blender with Coffee Grinder SIBL500CG01
Singer Blender with Juicer SINJ60SCK
Singer Convection Oven SICO-12H
Singer Convection Oven SICO-34H
Singer Pedestal Fan 40cm SIS140
Singer Wall Fan 40cm SIWF40
Singer Deep Fryer SIDF60
Singer Garment Steamer SICS5113
Singer Kettle SIK1729
Singer Kettle SIK2179
Singer Kettle SIK706S
Singer Kettle SIK850
Singer Kettle SIK850
Singer Professional Kettle SPK3100
Singer Microwave SIMW90D25
Singer Reversible Grill
Singer Rice Cookers SIRC10C, SIRC15C and SIRC5C
Singer Rice Cooker SIRC5C
Singer Skillet SISK661
Singer Slow Cooker SISC550S
Singer Slow Cooker SISCR40
Singer Stand Mixer SIHA3481
Singer Professional Stand Mixer SPSM2018
Singer Toaster SIT2002
Singer Vacuum Cyclonic Cleaner SIVC2400N
Singer Washing Machine SIWM7000
Singer Steam mop SISM516
Singer Wok SIW662F
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When was my sewing machine made?
What model do I have?


Singer has recently pulled some of their dating and identification information from their website. Here you can look up your serial number and find out when your Singer Sewing Machine was made as well as what model you have.

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